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Does Facebook delete your account when you die?


If you die, your account may be permanently deleted. When someone informs us that you’ve died, all of your messages, photos, postings, comments, reactions, and information will be instantly and permanently deleted from Facebook.

How to delete fb account after death

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Does Facebook delete your account when you die?

Your account will be deleted from our servers should you pass away. When Facebook is notified of your death, all messages, photos, posts, comments, and reactions are immediately and permanently removed from the site.

What happens to my Facebook account when I die?

If you die, a relative or friend can request that your profile on Facebook be memorialized. It essentially freezes the page in time–photos and posts shared will stay visible. Whoever requests this has to give Facebook some proof that you’ve died, such as a death certificate.

How does Facebook know someone has died?

Facebook requires that a person be memorialized before they can inherit someone’s account. Memorializing means Facebook has verified the user is dead so that it won’t start being managed by other people. This sometimes happens before the owner’s loved ones are ready, which creates confusion.

How many dead Facebook accounts are there?

On Facebook, legacy contacts are known as memorialized accounts, and you may want to choose a trustworthy individual to be the legacy contact. There are potentially 30 million deceased people with Facebook accounts, but given the site’s enormous size, these numbers appear insignificant when compared to the overall user count.

What happens to dead peoples social media?

The new profile picture is immediately visible, but the old content has not been deleted. If the individual who died had planned ahead, they could’ve just designated a “legacy contact” in their settings. Being a legacy contact allows you to create a post announcing that someone has died and then administer the account.

Are Facebook pages dead?

Even if your reach is limited (unless you’re in a very specialized niche), Facebook Pages are not obsolete. You’ll need one. When I set up my business on Facebook, the first stop I recommend is my personal page The Savvy Business Belle.

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