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Does Facebook permanently delete your data?


Only the latter of these two actions is permanent, as Facebook allows you to deactivate or delete your account. This removes all of your Facebook data from their servers, with the exception of anonymous log files.

Can you really delete Facebook data?

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account

How long does Facebook keep deleted data?

You’ll have a 30-day window to reverse your decision after deleting your Facebook account. All of your information will be permanently erased and unreadable after the 30 days are up.

Does Facebook keep your data forever?

After 90 days, Facebook will remove all of your account information from its servers. For the first 30 days, you can still log in and request the deletion of your account. Your account will be restablished, and it’ll seem as if you never departed.

Does Facebook delete your information when you delete your account?

If you cancel your account, you will not be able to restore it. It’s a done deal. However, Facebook staff do note that some data may remain on their servers for an indeterminate amount of time after your account is deleted, including photographs.

Can data be deleted permanently?

If you want to delete files permanently, you’ll need specialized software. Always back up anything you don’t want to lose before erasing the hard drive so that any lost data may be recovered later.

How do you permanently erase data so that it Cannot be recovered?

Go to Settings > Security > Advanced and check Encryption & credentials. If the option isn’t yet enabled, select Encrypt phone. Then go to Settings > System > Advanced and choose Reset options. Select Erase all data (factory reset) and hit Delete all data.

Can police see deleted photos?

Is it possible for cops to recover deleted images, text messages, and files from a phone? Yes—with specialist software, they may find data that hasn’t been overwritten yet. You can also use encryption techniques to ensure that your data remains private even after deletion.

Can police Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

The police would not be able to get into a deleted account since they do not have such access. Facebook would not hand them the data without a court order, and they would certainly not give it upon request.

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