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Does H&R Block answer questions for free?


  1. Yes, H&R Block offers free tax advice through its website, in-person at its offices, and over the phone.
  2. However, the amount of help you can get for free depends on your income and whether you’re filing a federal or state return.

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Where can I ask a tax question for free?

There are a few different places to ask tax questions for free. The IRS has a website with a lot of information, and they also have a helpline where you can speak to someone about your specific question. There are also a few websites that offer free tax advice, like TaxACT and TurboTax.

Is H&R Block actually free?

Yes, H&R Block is actually free. You can file your federal and state taxes for free with H&R Block if your income is below a certain level.

Who can answer a tax question for me?

The best person to ask about tax questions is your accountant. They will have the most up-to-date information about tax laws and can help you file your taxes correctly. If you don’t have an accountant, the IRS website has a lot of information about taxes, including how to file your return.

Who can use H&R Block Free?

H&R Block Free is available to anyone who needs help preparing their taxes. The service is free for simple tax returns, and there is a fee for more complex returns.

Do I have to pay H&R Block upfront?

No, you do not have to pay H&R Block upfront. You can file your taxes for free with H&R Block if your income is less than $66,000. If you have a more complex tax situation, you may need to pay for H&R Block’s services.

Does IRS have online chat?

The IRS does not have an online chat service at this time. However, there are many ways to get help from the IRS.

Can TurboTax answer tax questions?

TurboTax can answer some tax questions, but it is not a substitute for professional tax advice. If you have specific questions about your tax situation, you should consult a tax professional.

Can I call IRS with tax questions?

Yes, you can call the IRS with tax questions. The number is 1-800-829-1040. You can also visit the IRS website at www.irs.gov.

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The third stimulus check was $250.

Why is H&R Block charging?

H&R Block is charging because they are a business and need to make a profit. They provide a valuable service and offer tax advice and assistance.

What happens if I don’t pay H&R Block?

If you don’t pay H&R Block, they will likely report you to the credit bureaus. This will damage your credit score and make it more difficult to borrow money in the future. Additionally, you may be sued by H&R Block.