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Does Marco Polo work without a phone number?


  1. Marco Polo is a chatbot that is compatible with Facebook Messenger.
  2. It does not require a phone number to use, as it connects through the Facebook account.

How to use the Marco Polo app

Video Messaging Tutorial

Can you use Marco Polo with an email?

Yes, you can use Marco Polo with an email. It is a free service that lets you send messages to your contacts without the need for their phone numbers.

Can people on Marco Polo see my phone number?

Yes, if you have a profile on Marco Polo. It is possible to change your phone number on the app so it won’t be visible to other users.

How do people find me on Marco Polo?

To find people on Marco Polo, you can use the search bar to enter their username or email address. You can also search for their name in the “Find Friends” section of the app.

How do you text someone on Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is a social media app that allows users to create profiles, chat with one another, and share content.
Users can text or call each other using the in-app feature.

Can you see who viewed your Marco Polo?

Yes, you can see who viewed your Marco Polo. The app will show you a list of people who watched the video and when they watched it. You can also tap on the person’s name to see their profile.

How do I change my Marco Polo phone number?

To change your Marco Polo number, you will need to contact customer support by emailing them at [email protected].

Can you see someones location on Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is a map-based app that shows you where your friends are. The app displays the location of all your friends, who are marked with dots on a map. This map can be zoomed in and out to show more or less detail, and the user can also see the distance between each of their friends.

How do I get my old Marco Polo account back?

If you have an old account that was terminated, you can contact our customer service team at https://www.marcopolo.com/help to get it reinstated.

How can I change my number?

The first thing you will need to do is contact your carrier and request a number change. They will likely ask for the reason and the date of the change. This can be done online or on the phone.
Next, you will need to update any information associated with your old number, such as social media accounts.
You should also notify people who have your old number that they should no longer use it.

Can I get my old number back T Mobile?

You can’t get your old number back from T-Mobile. The company doesn’t provide this service.

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