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Does Nintendo delete inactive accounts?


  1. If you are unable to reactivate your Nintendo Account, this means that it has been over 30 days since the account was deleted.
  2. After 30 days,the account is permanently deleted from our files and we are unable to restore the account or any associated licenses or funds.

What happens to your Steam account


Can Nintendo delete my account?

Yes. Nintendo can delete your account if it violates their terms of service, which you agreed to when creating the account. Nintendo will also delete an account if the e-mail associated with the account is no longer active or there is no other way to contact you.

What does deregistering a Nintendo Account do?

If you deregister a Nintendo Account, your Nintendo Network ID will be removed from the system and all of its information will be deleted. This includes any information stored on the device, such as saved data.
De-registering a Nintendo Account deletes all of its information from the system. This includes any information stored on the device, such as saved data.

Does Nintendo ban Nintendo accounts?

Nintendo does not ban Nintendo accounts. However, they do have the right to terminate your account if you are found to be violating their terms of service.

What do I lose if I delete my Nintendo Account?

Deleting your Nintendo account will mean you’ll lose access to any games and digital content you’ve purchased. You’ll also lose access to the Nintendo eShop and any associated services, such as online gameplay and Miiverse.

How do I reactivate my Nintendo account?

There are a couple of ways to reactivate your Nintendo account. You can use the “Forgot Password” feature on the website to reset it. Or, you can contact customer service by phone or email.

Does deleting a Switch account delete games?

No, games are tied to the Nintendo Account that created them.
Nintendo Switch games are tied to the Nintendo Account that created them. When you delete your account, it does not delete any of the games associated with that account.

What happens if you delete a user on Switch?

If you delete a user on Switch, it will be gone from the console’s user list. All of their data will be deleted as well.

What happens when you delete a user on Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing?

When you delete a user on Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch, the game will still be saved to the console. However, any items that were collected by that user will be erased.

Do digital games stay on Switch?

No. Games are downloaded to the console’s internal memory, and can be deleted at any time.

How do you get someone off your island in Animal Crossing?

The player can get someone off their island by mailing them a letter. They can also pay for the person to take a flight out of the island.

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