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Does ProtonVPN sell your data?


No, they don’t sell any data. ProtonVPN users get the same level of privacy as premium customers. The free offering is paid for by premium subscriptions, thus how do they pay for the servers? For additional information, please refer to their privacy policy.

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Is ProtonVPN free trustworthy?

ProtonVPN Free is a free VPN that does not make money by collecting and selling user data, unlike many free VPNs. The VPN makes money through its premium product, with these paying customers covering the expenses of operating the free service.

Do free VPNs sell your information?

VPNs are dangerous to your privacy and security. VPNs not only collect private information but also sell customer data to third parties. You might be curious as to why third parties and advertising companies would want to purchase your personal information from virtual private network (VPN) providers.

What VPN does not sell your data?

NordVPN is an excellent VPN service that uses RAM-based servers, so your activity can’t be stored. CyberGhost – A user-friendly service with secure, self-owned NoSpy servers and a no-logs guarantee. Private Internet Access – Has a free ad blocker and is designed to keep your data safe on public WiFi networks. -> NordVPN is a fantastic VPN provider since it employs RAM-based servers, ensuring that your data cannot be saved. Private Internet Access comes with a free ad blocker and utilizes secure, self-owned NoSpy servers to ensure the privacy of its customers.

Is VPN really untraceable?

When you connect to a VPN (or virtual private network) server, your IP address is altered, and the data traffic on your device is encrypted. If you use a reliable VPN service, your web activities will be unreadable to snoops. This does not, however, imply that you are entirely untraceable online.

Is NordVPN really anonymous?

Yes. While it’s almost impossible to achieve absolute anonymity online, NordVPN goes above and beyond to provide quick and dependable security and privacy. We have a comprehensive list of innovative features to help you stay private, but even so, you’ll need to take additional measures.

Can VPN steal your data?

Most VPNs leave you exposed. When it comes to safeguarding your privacy, they frequently fail. Some VPNs will install secret tracking libraries on your gadgets, steal your sensitive information, expose your data to third parties, and even utilize up all of your bandwidth.