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Does tinder delete old accounts?


No, Tinder does not delete old accounts. It is possible that the account was deleted by the user themselves or that they removed their Facebook profile from their account. If you have not logged in for a while and your account is marked as inactive, your account will be deleted.

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How long before Tinder deletes your account?

Tinder has a 30-day account deletion policy. If you log into your Tinder app and find that your account has been deleted, it means you have not logged in for 30 days or more.

Does Tinder delete your account after 2 years?

Tinder does not delete your account after two years.

Can you reactivate an old Tinder account?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to reactivate an old Tinder account. The only way to get back on Tinder is to create a new account.

Why Tinder deleted my account?

Tinder deletes accounts for a number of reasons, including:
-Inappropriate content, such as nudity or spamming
-Violating the Terms of Service, which includes things like using bots to swipe on your behalf
-Inactivity, meaning that Tinder has not seen any activity from your account in a long time

How long do Tinder profiles stay active 2022?

Tinder profiles are active for 30 days.

How do I find my old Tinder account?

If you’re not sure about your old Tinder account, you can use a search engine and type in “Tinder” and the name of your city. This should bring up any old accounts that you might have forgotten about. If this doesn’t work, contact customer service for help.

Why can’t I recover my Tinder account?

Tinder is not affiliated with Facebook and you cannot recover your account by using Facebook. You can contact Tinder customer service to see if they can help you recover your account.

Can you tell when someone was last active on Tinder?

Yes, you can tell when someone was last active on Tinder. This is the information that is shown next to their profile picture.

Does Tinder tell if you screenshot?

Yes, Tinder will tell you if you screenshot.

How long does recently active stay on Tinder?

The length of time that recently active stays on Tinder depends on how often you swipe left and right. If you are constantly swiping left, then your recently active will eventually disappear. However, if you are more selective in your swipes, then the recently active will stay on Tinder for longer.

How do I restore my Tinder account?

If you’re having trouble logging in, try these steps:
-Log out of your account and then log back in.
-Clear the cache and cookies on your browser.
-Delete and reinstall the app.

Can you restore Tinder gold after deleting account?

You can’t restore a Tinder gold membership after you’ve deleted your account. However, if you have a backup of your account on your phone, you can download it from there and restore the Tinder gold membership.

What happens if I delete Tinder with Tinder gold?

Tinder gold is an in-app purchase that unlocks premium features on the app. If you delete Tinder with Tinder gold, you will lose access to those features.

What happens if you delete and redownload Tinder?

If you delete and redownload Tinder, you will lose all of the data. This includes your matches, messages, photos, and any other information that was on your account.

Does Tinder keep old messages?

Tinder does not keep old messages.

Why do Tinder matches disappear and reappear?

It’s possible that these matches are from a different app. For example, someone might have swiped right on you on Tinder and then swiped left on the same person on Bumble.