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Does twitter delete suspended accounts?


You have only two options if your account is suspended: send a request to Twitter’s customer service or un-suspend it and then delete it.

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How long before a suspended twitter account is deleted?

Your account is deleted and your username no longer linked to it if you do not access it within the 30-day deactivation period.

Does twitter delete permanently suspended accounts?

Permanent ban: This is our most severe punishment. An account will be permanently deleted from the public Internet and its operator will not be permitted to create new ones if this is a permanent suspension.

How do I know if my Twitter suspension is permanent?

You will receive an email from Twitter if your account is disabled. It will tell you if it is permanent or not. If it ISN’T, you may be able to submit a statement explaining why you think the suspension isn’t in accordance with their conditions.

Do suspended accounts get deleted?

You can’t erase the account while it’s under suspension. As a result, you must first “unsuspend” it and then delete it.

Can you see tweets from a suspended account?

You can appeal if you believe you were treated unjustly. In the meantime, your account is in limbo. You won’t be able to view your tweets or log in; instead, you’ll only be able to log in and post tweets if someone else creates them for you. ResearchBuzz, a database writer and blogging legend, has developed a helpful tool that you will want to save as a bookmark.

Can I get the username of a suspended account?

A deactivated or suspended account may claim the username. Suspended and deactivated usernames are not immediately usable, therefore you’ll need to choose a new one.

Can you buy a Twitter handle?

However, Twitter does not allow usernames to be traded. It is explicitly stated that “Attempts to sell, buy, or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for usernames are also violations and may result in permanent account suspension.” This has not stopped them from being exchanged, however.

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