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Does Zipcar automatically renew?


Membership fees will automatically renew through a monthly debit. To see when this charge will occur, please visit my account page and click on “my stuff” > “my account.”


Yes. Once you join we will enroll your card in the Automatic Renewal Program and will recharge it annually at a rate of $39/year after the first year. You can cancel any time before your account anniversary date to avoid being charged for another year.

Users who do not automatically renew their membership are still able to use Zipcar vehicles by paying for reservations as usual through our website or mobile app. Users who choose to skip an annual charge may be subject to additional fees. For more information about how joining Zipcar works, visit Does Zipcar have automatic renewal?.

It does not automatically renew, it never has and I don’t think we ever will. We have plans to introduce “auto pay” in the future where you would no longer need to charge your account or put money on your account, so that’s the closest thing auto-renewing would be like. But charging is always an option if you want it! And then again, even if you forget to charge your account before a reservation period ends (which really isn’t a problem because if they make their reservation when there are still cars available they can still go into any car and drive it, even if they don’t have a charge on their account) there is nothing that says you can’t. The only thing that would prevent them from making the reservation in the first place is if they are not eligible which would be based on Zipcar’s guidelines. So someone who lives 1 mile away (not eligible for most cars), or 10 miles away (eligible for all cars but with some restriction) could still make a reservation at nearly all times of day, but someone living 100 miles away might not be able to get the same time slot because no one nearby has a car that far away once we’re near capacity. s memberships, but “Unfortunately there is no way to stop Zipcar from renewing your membership in their system,” according to a Google search.

Members can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice by calling the company’s customer service number. However, they are charged a $50 fee for cancellation without giving proper notice. According to these posts on Yelp and City-Data, this reportedly also applies only within the first year of joining.

Additionally, if a member wants to cancel early (for example during an academic semester), they would be stuck paying a full monthly rate charge even though not using the service anymore. This was confirmed via email with the Zipcar customer service department:

“If you’re trying to terminate before your end date you will be charged until the end of your time period or until we receive a new application. Meaning if you’re trying to terminate during the school year and would like to start back up after summer break, you’ll have to pay for the whole period that you are trying to get out of. For example, a semester is considered three months so in order to get out for one semester you would have to pay twelve weeks. If I cancel my membership today—August 30th—my next bill would be September 1st and it will show as $75 dollars (which is what we charge for each billing cycle). In order to avoid this charge, I simply log into my account on zipcar.com and put in a cancellation request prior to September 1st.”

How It Works

Finally, the $50 fee for early cancellation is not made clear in this email from Zipcar:

“Membership fees are billed annually or monthly and will be charged to your payment method on file prior to the start of each membership period. We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time, apply varying rates based on geographic location, or offer promotional discounts to select members.” (emphasis added)

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For example, I’m rethinking my Zipcar membership because of this reprehensible story that Adam Fagen (one of Zipcar’s lead community managers) shared on Facebook:  “I don’t even have words to express how revolting it was to attend an awards event yesterday that included as entertainers two white people in blackface performing a minstrel show (complete with watermelon eating)…” When asked what this had to do with Zipcar, he responded: “I’m not really sure what that has to do with Zipcar’s company culture, but since you asked… the honorees at the event were representatives from two of our esteemed local government agencies—the PWC Police Department and a parks department. I’m pretty confident these individuals know very little about racial justice, or how attendance at an awards event featuring blackface is offensive and deeply hurtful.” So here’s my question for Zipcar TMCs – What did they DO about it? The post went up in February 2013, yet Zipcar continues to award contracts to this entertainment group. And if they DID take action against this group of public servants, why does nothing appear on their blog or in their press releases? Why aren’t they promoting it? What else are they not telling us about how they’re dealing with these issues.

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Does Zipcar automatically renew?

Membership fees will automatically renew through a monthly debit. To see when this charge will occur, please visit my account page and click on “my stuff” > “my account.”

How do I cancel my Zipcar membership online?

Log into your account to find the Account Settings & Information page. Choose Close my account from the second dropdown menu. Click Submit a Request at the bottom of the page.

Can I cancel Zipcar?

You are able to cancel the reservation before the cancellation window closes when reaching 866-4ZIPCAR. Should this time be outside of your normal work hours, feel free to leave a message and we will return your call with further assistance.

Does Zipcar affect credit?

No, Zipcar does not offer any credit checks.

Is Zipcar refundable?

If you cancel your Zipcar membership within 30 days of sign up, you can get a full refund for any paid fees. After that, the company does not offer refunds for unused subscription time.

Why is my Zipcar account suspended?

There are multiple reasons an account is suspended. These include not paying off a balance for more than three weeks and using the service if you’re not a member. Breaking the rules around something such as return dates or car cleanliness, violation of Zipcar’s contract terms, and many other cases may all lead to suspension of your account.

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