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How can I change my name in BPI online?


  1. Go to Account Maintenance
  2. Update e-mail address or. Change Password.
  3. Update Account Information, Update Name, Cancel Pending Enrollment.
  4. Update your registered E-mail Address so you may receive your E-mail confirmation.

BPI Online Banking | How to Rename / Label / Personalize your Account Name

BPI offers an online account management facility that allows you to change at least the surname of your BPI Credit or Debit Card or both. You can also use this facility to add a secondary cardholder for your BPI credit and debit cards. To login, please click here: Online Account Management https://www.bpi.com.ph/mybpi/

If you have any problem accessing BPI Online Account Management or you’re having difficulty changing your name in your credit card, please call us at (02) 817-1111 for Credit Cards; and 0917-8321118 for Debit Cards. Please be advised that the name change feature is only available online, not over the phone.

You may wish to notify BPI of a change of name especially if you’ll be traveling abroad so we can send important messages to the correct addressee such as registered mail from creditors and other agencies. You can provide your new contact details by logging in to Online Account Management and visiting “Profile Settings”. For assistance, feel free to give us a call at any of our Customer Contact Centres nationwide.

How to Update Profile or Customer Information in BPI Express Online

If you intend to travel abroad with your BPI Credit Card, you may wish to call us and give us your new passport details so we can keep it in our records, as this is the primary document that we will use for verification purposes when crediting payments received from foreign entities. Please be reminded that you should have notified us of a possible change of name so we can send important messages to the correct addressee. You may notify us by calling one of our customer service representatives at (02) 817-1111 or thru free text messaging 09099911727. This free text messaging feature is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! If you have internet banking access, you may also update your passport details by logging in to online BPI Express Online.

If you did not provide us with updated information prior to travel abroad, the payment instructions for credit card transactions involving foreign entities shall be issued in accordance with our standard operating procedures without regard to these changes. You can log on to Online Account Management and go to “Profile Settings” or call us at (02) 817-1111 and provide your new passport details so that we can keep it in our records as secondary document for verification purposes.

For customers who have applied for a replacement of their damaged/stolen credit card, the replacement credit card will be printed with their new full name as shown in the updated passport. Please note that if you have a co-applicant on your credit card account, our system cannot accommodate adding of additional names to your current credit card. So when you apply for a replacement card, please call us at (02) 817-1111 and we can process it manually for you. For those who have co-applicants attached to their accounts, just let us know beforehand so we could print out two copies of the credit cards for you – one copy with both names and another copy with only your surname.

How can I update my details in BPI online?

To update your mobile number with BPI, select Account Maintenance in the menu then Update Mobile Number. Input your Debit Mastercard number and new mobile phone number. Activate this request at any BPI ATM for instant completion of registration.

Can I rename my savings accounts?

You can assign any description or name to all of your accounts. This is a great way to keep track of how you organize your money.

How can I manage my BPI account online?

1. Set your debit card control limits. Log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app and go to “Other Services” then select “Card Control” Near the top right of the page is a list of cards. Select (name) Card, then choose Credit as Card Type and scroll down to set your Control Limits. …
2. View your bank statements. Log in to Bpi Online and visit My Statements at the very bottom left-hand side under Other Services. View recent transactions by scrolling through or use this link: https://onlinebpi/statements/. …Turn on push notifications for important messages that only show up on the app home feed by tapping Settings (gear symbol) > Options > Push Notifications switch ON.

How do I reset my BPI online username and password?

Go to BPI Online or the mobile app. Click “Forgot Password.” Enter your username and product type. Type in your deposit account number, credit card customer number, or loan account number. Fill out all the relevant information (passwords, PINs). All done!

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