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How can I change my name in NBI online application?


  1. Visit the official NBI Clearance Website by click here clearance.nbi.gov.ph.
  2. Now, select “No” in the register and fill in the information as shown in below mention image.
  3. Now, go to “Application” and fill in all the information about “APPLICANT INFORMATION”.

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How can I edit my name in NBI online application?

After following the on-screen instructions, you will be taken to the “Applicant Information” page, where you may update or change any of your details. After updating or changing the necessary information, you must submit a new NBI clearance application as you would for the first time.

Can I change my surname in NBI clearance?

Regardless of whether or not you have your NBI clearance presently, the procedure of altering your last name is considered a new application. You must acknowledge that this process is regarded a new application simply because you are changing some essential elements in your name.

What if you have the same name in NBI?

If the status of your NBI clearance application is “hit,” it implies that you or someone with the same name (i.e., a person named Robert) has a criminal record or information in their records.

What does no criminal record mean in NBI Clearance?

If your document claims “NO CRIMINAL RECORD” but no case is pending, it indicates that you’re in the NBI’s records for a possible past offense or it’s typical for someone else with a similar name to be found there.

How much is the renewal of NBI?

The NBI Clearance Quick Renewal fee is PHP 330 (PHP 130 processing fee + PHP 200 express delivery charge), for a total of PHP 355.

Can I use personal copy of NBI clearance?

The NBI Clearance should be current on your start date. Please submit a copy of your NBI Clearance, which is the original “Employer Copy.” In the event that the employer version is no longer available, you may also send in the personal copy.

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