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How can I change my Viber account on PC?


  1. Go to “Start” then click “Control” panel.
  2. Uninstall Viber from your PC. Look for Viber from your list of installed programs.
  3. Go to Account.
  4. Click the settings icon.
  5. Select “deactivate Viber
  6. Start Viber and create new account with your new number.

To change your Viber account, you have to download Viber again and create a new account. For more information on how to download and register for a new Viber Account, click here . How do I access other apps? For instructions please follow the link below: http://support.viber.com/hc/en-us/articles/201371033-How-do-I-access-other-apps If you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10 there is no option to use API as these operating systems run only x86 applications (32-bit).

Can I use Viber on my Windows computer?

Viber was created with a specific goal: to make communication easier and more user-friendly. It is the “missing link” between your computer and all other devices, allowing users to ring their contacts from multiple devices at once or send messages across different platforms in one go. Viber has been designed to seamlessly work both on computers running Windows operating systems (Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7/ 8) and Apple MAC OS X 10.6.x and higher. Downloading it onto your PC or Mac is just as easy as it is downloading it onto your mobile phone!

Can I use Viber to make free calls?

Viber is a popular application for making free calls and sending messages between users who have installed it.

To make free calls, choose your contacts from your phone book and chat with them for free over Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can also call our low cost international numbers to connect with friends anywhere in the world. All of this comes at no extra charge! Make FREE unlimited VOICE CALLS & CHAT WITH FRIENDS! FREE Voice Calls – Talk as long as you want (with Vibers) FREE Video Calls – See each other while talking FACE TO FACE Chat with your Viber friends anytime, anywhere FREE Group Chats – Connect with your friends in groups GET YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN Share the fun of free video calls and free calls!

What is the minimum version of Android that Viber supports?

Viber is available for devices running Android 2.3 or higher (Froyo). Devices running a version below this can no longer be supported by our team, and therefore are not guaranteed to work properly with Viber (due to new Android OS updates). In those cases we recommend you upgrade your mobile device to either Android 4.0 or higher, or remove the app from your device, and wait until your mobile device is upgraded to Android OS 2.3 or above in order to use Viber again.

What are my contacts doing?

To see what your contacts are up to, click on Contacts and then People & Options . In the new window choose the box called My Friends . And in the drop down menu select your friends.

What if I don’t have a phone number?

If you do not have a phone number and still wish to use Viber, you can create an account using your email address. For information on how to create an account with your e-mail address, click here . If you do not know what type of number to choose and would like to obtain one through Viber please contact us at [email protected]

Does Viber offer Wi-Fi calling or VoIP?

Viber is designed for mobile devices only (mobile data 3G/4G), without any connection to the public telephone network (landline). Therefore we cannot accept incoming calls or make outgoing calls via Internet servers. For more information, read the article on Wi-Fi Calling or VoIP here .

Does Viber allow me to send pictures?

At this time you cannot send pictures from your device. This is possible in our web version called Viber Web and in our Android application. You can also upload your entire gallery of photos to the Viber Online Gallery and access them there. Please click here for details .

My messages are disappearing, why?

Viber automatically deletes any messages older than 1 month (30 days). If you want to keep them longer please save all the chats on your phone or tablet before they disappear. You can change this setting on Desktop if needed: https://support.viber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204845675

I cannot see my contacts list in Viber, why?

In order to view your contacts in Viber you must add them from your device’s phone book. For more information please read article here .

How do I delete a contact or group chats on Android?

To delete a contact, open the Chat screen of that contact and tap ‘Delete’ at the bottom of the screen. To delete a group chat, open the Group Chats screen and choose Delete Group. Deleting messages in either scenario will not automatically delete all media associated with that conversation. This is because every message sent through Viber has its own ID number (Message ID), so the message is not deleted unless you also delete this number. If you want to permanently delete all messages and media in a conversation it must be deleted from Viber servers, and that is done by deleting it on your computer.

I did not receive my verification code via email or sms, why?

For security reasons, once you activate your account with Viber we will no longer send further verification codes via email. You can however uncheck ‘Auto-retrieve codes’ under Settings > Account . In order to verify your phone number please go to http://welcome.viber.com/code Enter the code found at the bottom of the welcome page (the one right after your country). Click ‘Next’. Your phone number is now verified with Viber, you can now use your account. If you have any trouble please contact us at [email protected]

How do I change my status from online to offline and vice versa?

To switch your status between Online , Offline or Invisible : 1. Swipe right to the Settings screen 2. Tap ‘ Account’ 3. Choose ‘ Status’ 4. Select either ‘Online’, ‘Offline’ or ‘Invisible’. You may also choose to set a custom status by selecting Custom . If you select Custom , write in what kind of status it is (for example: In a meeting ) 5. Tap Done on the top right corner 6. Your status should be updated instantly, however if it still has not changed please wait a few minutes.

How do I make or answer calls using Viber?

To call another Viber user : 1. Open the Chat screen of that person 2. Choose ‘Call’ 3. Make sure you have enough mobile credit 4. Tap Call . To receive a call from another Viber user : 1. Swipe right to the Calls screen 2. Tap on the notification 3. Answer the incoming call, or tap Decline and send a message instead! If you’d like to make a regular voice call to someone not in your contact list, simply dial their phone number as usual and then choose ‘Initiate Call via Viber’. This will open up the chat screen where you can send a voice message, or choose Call to make the call. To check your balance : go to settings > account

Does Viber support multiple devices?

Yes! If you have two or more smartphones and/or tablets, you’re able to install Viber on all of them and register them with one account. You can delete your personal information from any device through ‘Settings’ by choosing ‘Account’ > ‘Your Account’. When asked for a password remember that the email address will be case sensitive.

What if I’m not using my smartphone every day & Will Viber still consume my data plan’s allowance?

First of all, Viber only uses your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection when it’s needed. The app works on a ‘connection sharing’ model, meaning that your phone is actually connecting to other users over the Internet (Viber Cloud). That way you’re not using any mobile credit to receive calls nor sending messages. Furthermore, if you want to use your device exclusively as a regular phone without Viber (even when connected via WiFi), you can simply turn off the cellular/mobile data access in your device’s settings. This functionality is available for Android: Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names and iOS: Settings > Cellular [at top]> Data enabled.

Can you have two Viber accounts with the same number?

You can only have Viber on one device at a time. To use it on more than one phone, you need two different accounts.

How can I lock Viber on my desktop?

To lock Viber, click Settings from the top of your screen or open Keyboard settings.

How can I change my Viber account on PC?

1. Go to “Start” then click “Control” panel.
2. Uninstall Viber from your PC. Look for Viber from your list of installed programs.
3. Go to Account.
4. Click the settings icon.
5. Select “deactivate Viber
6. Start Viber and create new account with your new number.

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