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How can I deactivate Telegram temporarily?


It is not possible to suspend your Telegram account for a short time. The only option you have is to disable your Telegram profile. If it’s any consolation, you may remove the Telegram apps from both your computer and phone.

How to Delete TELEGRAM ACCOUNT Temporary or Permanently.

How to deactivate or delete Telegram account

How can I deactivate my Telegram?

Open Telegram on your mobile and, in the Settings menu, go to Step 1. Select ‘Privacy and Security from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to the ‘If Away for’ section of the window to have your account deleted automatically when you’re not available.

What happens if I log out of Telegram?

You will lose all of your secret conversations if you log out. You may have as many different secret conversations with the same person as you’d like.

Can you reactivate a deactivated Telegram account?

Users can also request the erasure of their accounts. They may be reached through the support webpage. To a customer executive regarding your account, provide all of the paperwork requested. Users can reset their Telegram accounts by using the same phone number and username as before.

Can I get my messages back after uninstalling Telegram?

There is a cache folder in Android, which maintains every text, image, audio, video, and other file you’ve deleted from Telegram. The data may be recovered by navigating to the “org. telegram” directory. You’ll discover the current deletions here.

How do I know if someone blocked me on Telegram?

You can set your timezone, change the appearance of your profile picture, and disable or modify the last seen option on Telegram. If someone has blocked you, their status will not be displayed. When another person joins the site, the “online” designation will not appear for you if you have been blocked.

Can Telegram secret chat be recovered?

Personal telegraphs are different from ordinary conversations in that they include a variety of unique elements (private messages, groups, supergroups, and so on) If you’ve removed the communications yourself and your counterpart doesn’t have them anymore, you’ll be disappointed.

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