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How can I delete messenger without deactivating my Facebook account?


  1. First, you’ll need to open Messenger.
  2. Next, tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the app.
  3. Then, scroll down and tap on “Settings.”
  4. From there, scroll down and tap on “Account Settings.”
  5. Finally, tap on “Delete My Account.

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Can I hide my Facebook account without deactivating it?

Yes, you can hide your Facebook account without deactivating it. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Privacy.” From there, you can choose who can see your profile and posts. You can also choose to not be listed in public directories or search results.

How do you reactivate a deactivated Facebook account?

To reactivate a deactivated Facebook account, you will need to log in to your account and follow the instructions provided. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the instructions provided.

Can I be invisible on Facebook?

Yes, you can be invisible on Facebook. To make yourself invisible, go to your privacy settings and change the setting for “Who can see your future posts?” to “Only Me.” This will make you invisible to everyone except yourself.

How do I make myself unsearchable on Facebook?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to make yourself unsearchable on Facebook depends on your individual Facebook settings. However, some tips on how to make yourself unsearchable on Facebook include changing your privacy settings so that your profile is not visible to search engines, and deleting your Facebook profile altogether.

What is ghost mode on Facebook?

Ghost mode is a feature on Facebook that allows users to hide their profile from other people. This is useful for people who want to keep their profile private, or for people who are temporarily unavailable and don’t want to be bothered.

How long will Facebook keep a deactivated account?

Facebook will keep a deactivated account for up to six months. If the account is not reactivated within that time, it will be deleted.

How long does it take Facebook to reactivate a disabled account?

It can take up to a week for Facebook to reactivate a disabled account.

How do you know if Facebook account is deactivated or deleted?

There are a few ways to tell if Facebook has deactivated your account or deleted it. If you can’t log into your account, then it’s been deactivated. If your profile is completely gone and there are no posts or photos left, then it’s been deleted.

Can people see what you’ve searched on Facebook?

Yes, people can see what you’ve searched on Facebook. The search bar is located at the top of the page, and your searches are displayed in the drop-down menu.

How do you know if someone is looking at your Facebook?

There is no sure way to know for certain if someone is looking at your Facebook profile, but there are some signs that may indicate that someone is interested in what you’re sharing. If you notice that you’re getting a lot of friend requests from people you don’t know, or if you see that someone has been visiting your profile often, it’s possible that they’re interested in what you have to say.

Does Facebook notify of screenshots?

Yes, Facebook notifies users when someone takes a screenshot of their profile or posts. This is done in order to protect the privacy of users and to discourage people from taking screenshots of content that is meant to be private.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Facebook?

If you can’t see their profile or posts in your newsfeed, then they have probably blocked you.

Can I use Messenger if I deactivate Facebook?

Yes, you can use Messenger without having a Facebook account.

What does a deactivated Facebook look like?

A deactivated Facebook account looks just like a regular Facebook account, except that the user is no longer listed as a member of the site. Deactivated accounts are not deleted, and the user can reactivate the account at any time by logging in.

Does Messenger notify when you screen record video call?

Yes, Messenger does notify when you screen record video call.