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How can I delete my Imo contact permanently?


  1. Open imo. tap on contacts tab.
  2. Long press on the contact which you delete.
  3. Among the options displayed, tap on Profile.
  4. Now select the Delete contact option and Press yes in the pop up confirmation message.

how to delete all imo contacts ! how to delete imo contacts

how to delete all imo contacts ! how to delete imo contacts

Why is IMO not showing contacts?

Delete the app and clear its data, then reinstall it and sign in again if you want to get rid of IMO. I’m not sure whether it is still free.

How can I remove multiple IMO contacts which have been synced from Gmail account?

As for contacts that are intermixed, like those, it’s simpler on a laptop or PC: Google Contacts is the place to go. They should be removed from the account when you’re done.

Why my Contacts are showing in other phone?

Contacts on your Google account aren’t synced to the actual phone, as they are linked to your Google account. They’ll show on any other phone you’ve used the same Google with.

Does IMO send notification?

For all of the capabilities that allow you to connect with others and be kept up to date on their lives or vice versa, there are IMO notifications that alert you whenever something changes. Users also have the option of turning off or re-enabling alerts depending on their preference.

How do you know if someone blocked you on IMO?

How can I find out if someone has blocked me? You will not be notified that you have been blocked by someone on imo. The individual who blocked you will no longer appear in your contacts list, and you won’t be able to contact them.

Is Imo banned in US?

Is IMO Banned in the United States? No, IMO is not banned in the United States and there are no official limitations on its usage. Schools and businesses, however, may block use of IMO on their network. By using a VPN like Surfshark, you can get around this.

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