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How can I delete my Irctc mobile number?


To delete your account, send an email to [email protected] from the registered email address along with a subject line of “Deletion of Account”. The body should include your name in full, phone number, registered email ID, and a request to close this account.

irctc mobile number already registered problem

Hi, I have deleted my IRCTC mobile number using the *134*2#<call> command. This is not working. I don’t want to get any SMS and calls from IRCTC on this number hence request you to deactivate the same permanently by deleting it from your records. Reply to me as soon as possible

Subhash Chander

Please note that your request has been forwarded to the concerned department for further necessary action & we will come back to you with their approval/update in due course of time… Acknowledgement No: PA00001125611890021s… Please keep avoiding receiving SMS and phone call by pressing *135* Your unique code#

This approach is not given by IRCTC only but also many private service providers with whom we are interacting; the two words “FORWARDED” and “PA” of Acknowledgement No: are the same everywhere with whatever message you write in your email or call them. They will say that it has been forwarded to wherever and then, they will wait for days together without understanding your pain. So, it is better to get rid of all such services than wasting time constantly after repeated attempts. I hope my readers do understand how this would be useful in the future. What if someone says like ‘Useful’?

irctc account delete kaise kare

Since there are so many websites having given the wrong contact information of the Railway zone by making mistakes, I tried calling them using their numbers (four different websites) which had mentioned wrong numbers. To my surprise, all these numbers started ringing at the same time; i.e., they were all interconnected among themselves without showing the names of zones while ringing. Not one of them had responded to my call or even the answering machine was not there (just a busy tone). So, it is a clear indication that no one cares about the correctness of given contact numbers, and nor these are routed through any central in-charge number, which is available publicly for everyone who wants to connect with the IRCTC team.

If we track all the above numbers from the list mentioned above while calling; we can expect something like this…

This indicates that this may be the scenario if you dial directly without first getting details of that railway station from the IRCTC database. You might end up on some toll-free/freephone number only because companies get money by using your call duration and they also earn profit by selling the same to telemarketing agencies.

These days, you can find every other call as spam; it might be about getting some insurance or any scheme or anything else of that kind. While you are browsing on net, you may get many pop-ups with virtually no information and just a phone number showing like this:

You will end up calling through those numbers if your intention is to dial IRCTC related helpline for any ticket booking query since they have not thought about putting their railway station name in front of these big numbers which were visible at first sight itself (i.e., topmost) without even thinking how would someone reach there by using such service? I guess having read the first three points, it would be clear to my readers how the IRCTC team is not concerned about their website usability nor do they have any accountability towards serving the public.

I was told by an official that common citizens can give suggestions through email id, which is all written in red at the bottom of the home page of this website:

This requirement is mentioned twice on one web page and nowhere else (refer to above URL). This also clearly indicates that the IRCTC team has no intentions regarding suggesting improvements or being accountable for providing better services. Staff is kept ignorant so that they do not raise questions. In my case too, despite being in very low number but I got a call from a senior official just because he was aware of me due to the fact that I do not remain silent all the time and take steps to ensure that I can bring things in proper order.

It is possible that some of you are thinking, should I call them or directly contact them through the IRCTC ticket booking portal? But trust me on this; they have put many obstacles/hurdles while booking tickets online as well which shall be discussed below.

IRCTC website usability from a common citizen point of view: This is a screenshot taken from my mobile phone showing the time spent by me trying to go through IRCTC related helpline numbers provided on their website:

After clicking each one of these numbers, the web page loads with the option of having “call by pressing this button”. When you choose the operator then the system takes your call but it is useless since you will find something like this:

After clicking each one of these numbers, the web page loads with the option of having “call by pressing this button”. When you choose the operator then the system takes your call but it is useless since you will find something like this: After repeated attempts, I tried to fill forms and also raised tickets. Even after that, no action was taken. It got worse when I saw the following message while trying to log in at having designed their portal in such a way that even if you do log in, you cannot see anything; some other message comes up like this:

It becomes obvious from the above screenshot that they are totally aware of the presence of technical issues on their portal and yet they are not taking action towards resolving it.

They are forcing us to use the outdated, expensive and slower mode of email.

Naturally, my question here is why does anybody take calls from IRCTC toll-free numbers while avoiding getting stuck on calls from telemarketing agencies who charge huge amounts by making you believe that they will resolve your ticket booking queries and then they simply stop picking up your calls once they have earned enough? If you really want to talk about this issue with them (IRCTC) then read further to understand how long it would take! It took me hours only for reaching their call center executives/customer care people. I wonder if there was somebody conversant in English as I never got a response in that language even after telling them that I cannot speak Hindi.

How can I remove the mobile number from IRCTC?

If you have a mobile IRCTC, open the mobile app and enter your PIN. Once you’ve opened your account, click on “Tickets” (or similar), go to “Passenger list”, delete the selected passenger(s) by hitting X in the upper right-hand corner of their photograph.

How can I change my IRCTC mobile number?

Logging in to the IRCTC website with your email ID and password is not difficult. You can log in by clicking on User Profile and selecting Update Profile. Once there, you will be able to find your registered mobile number which you may add a new one if needed.

How can I delete the IRCTC account?

Go to the profile section. Select delete account and follow the instructions.[[Category: English Grammar]]

How can I delete my IRCTC account without a login?

You can’t delete your IRCTC account yourself. Send a request to the company so they’ll do it for you.

Why is my IRCTC account suspended?

If you create an account on IRCTC but never make a reservation, your account could be suspended at any time without notice.

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