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How can I delete my old WeChat account?


  1. Log in to WeChat.
  2. Select Me and then select Settings. navigate to Account.
  3. Select Delete Account and then tap Next.
  4. Follow WeChat’s instructions and enter your password to delete your account.

How To Delete WeChat Account Permanently

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Does WeChat delete old accounts?

After canceling your account, it will be permanently deleted, and your Wechat ID will no longer function. 3. Within 60 days of submitting an application, log into your Wechat account to cancel it.

Why can’t I delete my WeChat account?

Account deletion is limited to 24 hours after your password has been established or updated, according to Google. Account cancellation is not possible if three or more attempts have been made on your account in a single day.

How do I know if my WeChat account is deleted?

You’ve been deleted if you’re alerted by WeChat that you need to be pals with the individual before sending a message.

What happens when someone deleted you on WeChat?

You’ll be deleted from each other’s WeChat world, and you will vanish from the other person’s contacts list, but you will still have each other in your contact lists (in case you change your mind). They are permanently removed from your contacts once you delete them. If you want to retrieve their contact card, go to Settings > Contacts.

Who can verify my WeChat account?

You can just do the contact verification of WeChat with a contact to support in the event that you don’t have any friends who use the app. There’s no way around this verification technique. Go to WeChat Support site: https://help.wechat.com/oshelpcenter.

Why is my WeChat account permanently blocked?

WeChat will not unblock your account if it has been permanently blocked for a severe breach of the WECHAT TERMS OF SERVICE, and you will be unable to use the account again. If your WeChat Pay account still contains money or other assets, they will be automatically accessed.

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