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How can I delete my Telegram account from Android?


Here are the steps to deactivate the Telegram account on Android: Open Telegram and click on Menu. On there, go to Settings- Privacy and Security tab. Scroll down where you will find a section named “Activity”. Select choice A for if away which will automatically delete your account when set.

How To Delete Telegram Account – how to deactivate telegram account – Delete Telegram Account 2021

For Android users, there is no way to delete your Telegram account right now. If you want to delete it from your device, please log out of the app first. Then open the Google Play store on that device and search for Telegram Messenger or simply enter https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.telegram.messenger into the address bar and then click “Uninstall”. After doing that, make sure to reboot your phone before logging back in with your new Telegram account.

When will we be able to deactivate our accounts? When can I delete my Telegram account?

Deleting an account is technically possible but currently not available to users – this option may appear in a future version of Telegram on Android.

Can I at least delete messages from my phone?

The ability to delete individual messages has been requested by our users repeatedly and we hope to fulfill their requests in the future. For now, you can clear your chat history. To do this, open a chat with the person or group whose messages you want to erase and tap “Menu”. Here you will see an option that says “Clear History”. Choose it. Remember, that if both of your devices have Telegram installed but aren’t connected via your account e.g., because they are using separate accounts or one is logged out, clearing the history makes no sense as the other device will just continue saving all of them until you connect it with yours through your account.

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently (2021)

Will you consider adding a “Last Seen” field to the profile?

We are considering it but we believe that Last Seen is not the best indicator of online presence or activity and might be misleading for our users – therefore, we want to carefully decide where and how it appears on Telegram. Having said that we are currently working on improving the overall privacy settings in your account so stay tuned! If you have other suggestions on how to improve Telegram’s account security please send them to us here.

If I delete my account will it affect other devices linked to my number/email?

No, deleting your account won’t do anything with any of your other devices. You can delete your account from one of your devices without interfering with any of the others. As for contacts, if you mark yourself as “deactivated”, they will be notified that you are not active on Telegram anymore and won’t receive any updates from you.

Could deleting my account hurt my privacy?

Theoretically, it’s possible to create a new account using the same phone number (if this option is enabled) or email address but there’s nothing we can do to prevent that – creating an account is in essence a way to prove your identity. If you find out that somebody created an account with your personal details please get in touch with us at [email protected] so we can take action.

Why is it impossible to delete an account? Is Telegram afraid of losing money due to the “runaway” costs of supporting a free service?

No, this isn’t true. There’s nothing bad about uninstalling/deactivating your Telegram app (it won’t work forever anyway) but deleting your account is something different. Deleting an account makes the messages that were sent between you and other users after deactivation unrecoverable in the future – you can only read them currently on any device still having a copy of your data. This poses serious technical challenges for us which we want to solve before allowing our users to delete their accounts. We are doing our best to make sure all user data on Telegram will be stored safely and will never be lost or destroyed.

Can I request you to delete messages between two users? Will Telegram do this?

We get requests like these often but we can’t discuss any private information that doesn’t involve our company. After all, it’s your data and not ours! However, if you give us a good reason why the message in question should be removed from our servers, we’ll think about it. Please use this form to make such a request. Be sure to choose the “Involving non-human account” option when submitting it – otherwise, we won’t process it. Also, sending copies of other people’s correspondence is unacceptable – please respect their privacy as well! You can send an ordinary email to [email protected] instead.

If I delete a message on my side will it also disappear from the other device?

Unless you intentionally shared a secret, deleting a message is only your decision – we can’t force users to remove their messages. This means that if you forward or re-send any of your messages after deleting them on one of your devices, they won’t be deleted but rather forwarded again (which is what forwarding actually does). In order for this not to happen every time, make sure both devices are synced with the same Telegram account when you send such messages in the future! You can read more information about sync here. Also, remember that once you have synchronized both devices via Telegram, clearing your chat history will also remove the messages you previously forwarded – you can do this from the Settings/Privacy and Security section.

What if I deactivate my phone number? Will all my data be erased?

No, your data is stored on Telegram’s servers so you can always log in with another device or number using your password or QR code (if applicable). You can also enable backups of your chats on external services (Google Drive etc.) and we recommend doing that. It will allow you to restore your account should something unfortunate happen to your device or even Telegram itself. In order to activate notifications when a new backup is added, make sure the “Notification” mode is enabled. Also, please remember that deleting an account doesn’t affect backups of your previously synchronized chats.

If I delete my profile picture will it disappear from the other devices?

No, deleting a profile picture doesn’t remove it from all copies affected by Telegram’s sync function. If you are concerned about your privacy, we recommend using a blurred version of any sensitive material as a temporary avatar to avoid revealing too much about yourself to strangers. To change a temporary avatar, open My Profile > Settings, go to “Avatar” and click Upload at the empty field next to the option you prefer. You can also choose an existing profile photo from here or create a new one with this same menu section – just make sure you have done this before uploading any pictures that may be used for unwanted!

If I clear the chat history on my device will it remove all copies of this specific chat elsewhere?

No, clearing your chats only removes them from this specific device and doesn’t affect other devices or Telegram servers. If you want to completely delete a certain message from public record, please use Secret Chats (see below). For more information about deleting your account, see our FAQ.

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