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How can I delete my wikiHow account?


  1. Click on the “My Profile“.
  2. Click “Remove Profile” to remove your profile box information, and confirm.
  3. Click on the Edit.
  4. Click “Publish“.

Click on Account Settings .

Click on Deactivate account .

It might take up to 48 hours for your request to go through, but once it does, you’ll receive an email with the instructions on how to reset your password and a link to send you back to the site.

Once we receive this email, we’ll send an email with the password reset link. You can then log in using that link, change your password again and deactivate it permanently by clicking Deactivate Account in the settings menu of your profile. When you’re ready to leave us for good, login here . If you have selected a name for yourself on wikiHow, enter that name first and then click “Deactivate account”.If you have not set up a nickname (you can edit it from your profile), please put your full real name as username so staff know who they are talking about when discussing account details with them. Its also helpful if you include your user name in any messages to staff.

Click “Deactivate account”.

After we receive the email, we’ll send an email with a new password and instructions on how to permanently deactivate your account by clicking Deactivate Account in the settings menu of your profile. After you confirm the change, your wikiHow account will be deleted after 30 days or sooner if you reach 100 edits or less during that time.

If you do not receive the password reset link within 48 hours, please contact us here! For security reasons, we only delete accounts under special circumstances and cannot discuss details about specific accounts unless they’ve already been deleted. If it’s important for you to leave urgently (for example, because of harassment), please let us know and, if possible, give us enough time to process the request.

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We thank you for all of your contributions, and from the entire staff here at wikiHow we’d like to wish you happy editing!

(If your browser doesn’t ask you, try these steps: Chrome / Firefox) Click the “Preferences” button in the top-right corner. Click the “General” tab on the new window. Under Website use previous settings , untick Use website defaults . Click Apply Changes . You should be all set!

To stick with a classic look, change ‘Show Home button’ to No under ‘Configure my homepage’. This will hide some links on the left side of your screen, but will prevent the homepage from changing.

If you have any questions, or need help troubleshooting, feel free to post a question on our support community! We’d be more than happy to assist you in configuring your wikihow experience.

Note: do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met . This will speed up the process of removing this template and minimize disruption to wikiHow. Consider instead creating a page titled “Wikihow_talk” and then making that your user talk page rather than using this notice. If you create such a page, please include the same content as below but without the asterisks; including all text like this facilitates editing this template in the future. Please note that if you vandalize this notice, you may be blocked from editing wikiHow and any of your contributions will be deleted.

We’re sorry to see you go! If you have an account on Wikia, why not log in and check out one of their many wikis? However, before switching to another site, we appreciate it if you give us a chance to address your concerns. Simply leave a note in here , and our removal team will review it as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding and happy editing!

This page is protected from edits by unregistered or newly registered users because it is considered an important part of the wikiHow infrastructure: all 1,051 pages on the English wikiHow, plus all 592 pages on the German wikiHow.

To request that a page be protected or unprotected (usually for privacy reasons), please submit a ticket.

This template will automatically categorize articles into Category: Protected pages and disallow edits from unregistered users on them. In general, we protect the following types of pages:

Articles that contain potentially sensitive information, such as full names and contact details; to prevent identity theft and embarrassment. Articles related to members of staff, board members, volunteers or other notable people; to maintain their privacy. Pages in areas of the site where user-generated content is common โ€” especially those with significant numbers of incoming links, article contributions or traffic โ€” to help reduce vandalism and spam. Important pages on the site, which are accessed frequently or referred to from other pages; these include our main content pages (see a full list here ), as well as Help: Contents, Community Portal and all template documentation. Pages where editing is restricted for security reasons, such as Recent Changes Patrolling ; being able to use the site anonymously is more important than having an open edit history in this context.

This notice may also be added automatically by any extension that implements protection functionality โ€” see Extension: ProtectedPage for information about adding protections manually. You can check whether this template has been placed correctly by looking in the page history : if it does not appear at the very beginning of the page history, then it has been added incorrectly.

Please note that this template does not protect articles from being deleted; it just prevents them being edited by most users . If you want to prevent a page from ever being deleted, you may consider using Extension: ImmutablePage.

For more information on how the protection system works, please see the documentation and in particular our “Protection policy” page (full details of which are in doc/protectionpolicy.txt ). In brief, here is what happens if anyone tries to edit a protected article:

The IP address is recorded automatically (if possible); we try very hard not to block legitimate edits made accidentally or by misconfiguration. An email is sent out to one of our administrators, who will review

How can I delete my wikiHow account?

1. Click on the “My Profile“.
2. Click “Remove Profile” to remove your profile box information, and confirm.
3. Click on the Edit.
4. Click “Publish“.

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