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How can I delete Windows 8?


  1. Boot into Windows 7.
  2. Launch Msconfig by hitting Windows + R to get the run box, typing msconfig.
  3. Clicking Ok.
  4. Select the Boot tab.
  5. Select Windows 8
  6. Click Delete.
  7. Click OK to exit msconfig.

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How do I completely Uninstall Windows?

Check whether the Windows you want to keep is selected as default in System Configuration’s Boot area. To do so, choose it and then press “Set as default.” Next, select the Windows you wish to remove, click Remove, and then Apply or OK.

How do I Uninstall Windows 8 from Windows 10?

On the Start menu, click Control Panel. Click System and Security -> Select a language from the drop-down list and select an operating system. If you’re using Windows 8 or 8.1, scroll down to step 1b (for instructions on how to do so, see below). For instructions on deleting a laptop drive manually rather than formatting it

Will there be a Windows 11?

Microsoft is offering the new Windows 11 to compatible devices. This year, Microsoft unveiled its latest operating system upgrade, Windows 11.

How do I remove operating system from old hard drive?

Use the +R keys to open the Run dialog box. You must now type msconfig and press Enter. Select Windows 10/7/8 and choose “Delete” from the drop-down menu. Remove all traces of Windows from your hard disk, including (but not limited to) C: , D: , and E: File system

How do I remove windows from an old hard drive?

Mac users, click the icon in the upper-right corner of your screen to open Finder. Select Go from the menu bar at the top of your screen. In Library, search for “Disk Cleanup.” To begin running Disk Cleanup, select “Clean up system files.” Choose “Windows.old” if you want to remove it.

Can you run 2 versions of Windows on the same computer?

You may install two (or more) versions of Windows on the same PC and select which one to boot to at startup. The most common order in which you should install the operating systems is:

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