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How can I get Facebook deleted messages back?


If you are wanting to find messages that have been permanently removed from your archived message, log in to Facebook. Then, click the Messenger icon.


To be able to understand how you can recover such messages, it is important to know that there are two different types of daily conversations on Facebook: some of them are sent via the messenger app and others within message threads. Messenger messages appear in the form of blue boxes. These boxes contain text written in a specific font that has been optimized for reading messages from mobile devices. The key feature of messenger texts is that they cannot be edited once they have been posted (and seen). Message threads, however, enable users to delete their part if needed. The same goes for any other user who wishes so. Therefore, your deleted message may still be available for viewing by users with whom you had conversations during past times. To make things even better, they can (and almost certainly will) be recovered from Facebook’s database if you know how to do it.

How can I recover my deleted messages?

Your first step towards recovering any of your Facebook messages is to download the backup of your content stored in your account. You should find this option at the bottom of your settings page located in the menu on the left side under “Download a copy…” Simply follow these steps:

Go to Facebook.com and log into your account; Click on the down-arrow located in the upper right corner of any page under your name; Select “Settings”; Go to “Download a copy…” tab and click on the green button with the text “Download a copy…”; Follow the steps displayed by clicking on each link within this menu.

That’s it! You should have a .zip file containing all of your content soon after you complete these steps. This is especially relevant if you are using messenger apps as they tend to store data without protecting it from changes or deletions, unlike message threads. The locally stored backup will allow you to collect old conversations that may contain vital information related to your case (e.g., conversations about your previous employers, your current job applications, conversations with family members or friends etc.).

Now you can open the .zip file with a computer and carefully search for the messages containing data that you need. The most likely places where old messages are stored are in the following folders:

“Messages”: for messages sent on Facebook.com via the messenger app (Messenger.app). The folder will contain. EML files that are a part of daily conversations in Facebook Messenger conversations;

You should also look up other folders located within your backup .zip file, such as:

If you cannot find any of the messages you’re looking for, there are still options left. You can use third-party apps that specialize in recovering deleted data from Facebook or send us a request via Get-Deleted-Messages.com to get help from our technical specialists.

Are there any risks involved?

While it is true that most of the steps described above do not involve anything risky, some users have reported receiving warnings from Facebook regarding possible suspension of their accounts after they downloaded their local backups or tried to recover old messages without using the appropriate tools. So, if this happens to you too, don’t panic – simply contact the support guys from your social network.

However, if you want to avoid any risks of suspension (or other consequences) you should follow these simple rules:

Be very careful when recovering old messages as Facebook may misinterpret them as an attempt to breach their Terms of Service or Privacy Policy; Use only the tools recommended by Get-Deleted-Messages.com that are specially crafted for this purpose and are safe for use from the experts who know what they’re doing! Don’t download third party apps (e.g., iPhone Data Recovery Software) to recover data from Facebook unless they’re specifically designed for this task; Know exactly why you need to access old messages before proceeding with anything else – otherwise, it can be seen as an abuse of Facebook’s terms of service and their system; If you start downloading old conversations on your own computer or try to recover them any other way – don’t do it! It’s illegal, violates Facebook’s terms of service, and can get you in serious trouble with the social network. Use Get-Deleted-Messages.com instead!

Don’t forget that recovering deleted messages from Facebook should be done only if there is a well-thought-out reason for doing so. For example, if you simply want to find an answer to one simple question posed by your friends, you can easily find the answers within the majority of relevant articles hosted online – so there is no need for searching through old content stored on social networking servers.

In case if this information was not enough to help you recover your old Facebook messages, please send us a request via our website or contact our support team via Facebook messenger. We will try to answer all of your questions and concerns and help you get back what is rightfully yours!

Also check out the video below that briefly explains why it’s important to backup your data on Facebook:

(Video source: www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/archiving-your-messages/)[/ARTICLE END] If you want to recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger without losing too much time then this guide can be very useful for you. It was written by GetDeletedMessages.com (www.getdeletedmessages.com) experts who specialize in restoring Facebook chats. After reading the article you will be able to easily: recover messages from desktop or mobile devices, find out how long deleted data can remain on servers, get back old Facebook chat history, etc.;

How can I get Facebook deleted messages back?

If you are wanting to find messages that have been permanently removed from your archived message, log in to Facebook. Then, click the Messenger icon.

How do you retrieve deleted messages from Facebook Messenger?

On your mobile device, open Facebook Messenger and search for the archived conversation. Once you find it, select Unarchive Message from the drop-down menu.

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