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How can I recover my WeChat password without phone number?


  1. If you want to find back the password, you could retrieve it through binding phone number or email if you have linked it before.
  2. On the login page, tap Forgot password Log In via SMS or tap Forgot password Reset Password Reset via Email.
  3. Enter your linked email address.

How to Reset WeChat Password?

How to Reset WeChat password

How can I recover my old WeChat account?

If you have a backup of your old account, there is a way to recover your old account.
-You can use the backup file to create a new account and then sign in with the credentials from the old account.
-You can also contact WeChat customer service and request to recover the old account.

How can I reset my WeChat password via email?

To reset your WeChat password, you can follow these steps:
1) Enter the email address you used to sign up for WeChat.
2) Click on “Forgot Password” near the bottom of the page.
3) Enter your phone number and click “Send Code”. You will receive a text message with a code.
4) Enter the code and click “Next”.
5) Create a new password by entering it twice.

How can I login to WeChat without phone?

You can use your email address to login to WeChat if you don’t have a phone.

How can I change my mobile number in WeChat?

To change your mobile number in WeChat, you can go to “User Settings” and then “Personal Information”. Tap on the mobile number field and enter the new number.

Can I make a new WeChat account with same number?

You can create a new account with the same number, but you will need to change your phone number on the old account.

Can you unlink phone number from WeChat account?

Unfortunately, there is no way to unlink a phone number from a WeChat account.

How do I contact the WeChat team?

The WeChat team can be contacted by emailing the following address:

Can we use WeChat without SIM card?

No, you can’t. WeChat is a messaging app that requires a SIM card to work.

Is my number visible on WeChat?

Yes, the number you are using to chat is visible.
Your number is always visible on WeChat because it’s what other people use to contact you.

How do I find my WeChat ID?

This is a difficult question to answer without more information. You may have to contact WeChat customer service or your mobile carrier.

Is it safe to add strangers on WeChat?

WeChat is a popular messaging service in China, but it’s not safe to add strangers.
WeChat is a popular messaging service in China, but it’s not safe to add strangers. This is especially true if you are using the app outside of China where there are many more people with fake accounts looking for ways to scam people.

Is WeChat same as WhatsApp?

WeChat is a Chinese messaging app that has become immensely popular in China and now has a lot of users outside of China as well. WeChat is less popular in the US, but it does have a large number of US users.
In contrast, WhatsApp is an app from the US that started out as a messaging service for smartphones and now also includes voice and video calling features.

What does too many operations on WeChat mean?

If you have too many operations on WeChat, it could mean that you’re using the app too much. It’s possible that you’re addicted to it and can’t stop using it. You might also be using the app in order to avoid dealing with your problems or feelings.

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