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How can you change your primary email on Facebook?


Log into your account settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Under your personal information tab, you will see a section for contact information, where your primary email address is listed. Click on edit next to your email address to be taken to a screen which gives you the options to include an additional email or

How to Change Primary Email Address in Facebook Account

How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook!

How do I remove my primary email from Facebook?

To remove your email address from Facebook, tap the top right of Facebook. Scroll down to Settings and tap Personal Information. Tap Contact Info in Account Setting, then your desired email address on the next screen, and press Remove.

Why can’t I change my Facebook primary email?

Sounds like some of you have trouble updating your primary email address. First, go to account settings in General. If the e-mail address you want isn’t currently listed there, click “Add another email” and then choose it as your primary email before you can change it to that one.

How do I change my primary email on Facebook 2020?

Go to Settings at the top right corner of your screen. Choose Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu. Go to Contact in General Account Settings and fill in the new email address you’ll be using instead of the existing one.

How do I remove my primary email from Facebook?

Tap the top right to go to your profile. Scroll down and select Settings from the drop-down menu. In the Account Settings area, scroll down until you reach Personal Information, then Contact Info. After that, tap Remove next to the email address you wish to delete.

Can I change my primary email address?

Go to the Google homepage and log in to your account. Select “Account” from the drop-down menu next to the profile picture, then “Edit” next to “Email Addresses.” If necessary, click “Remove” next to the alternate email address you intend to use as your new primary username.

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