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How did my facebook account get deleted?


It is possible that your account was deleted due to a violation of Facebook’s terms and conditions. If you have not violated any of their terms, it is possible that someone else has accessed your account and reported it as a violation. You can contact Facebook to find out how this happened.

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Can hackers access deleted accounts?

Yes, hackers can access deleted accounts. One way that hackers might be able to access a deleted account is through the use of a data breach. Hackers will often search for emails and passwords from data breaches and try them on different websites. If they are successful, the hacker will have access to the account even if it has been deleted.
Another way hackers might be able to access a deleted account is by guessing the password.

How long do I have to wait to reactivate my Facebook?

The Facebook reactivation time is dependent on the reason for the suspension. The maximum time is 30 days.

How do I know if my Facebook is deleted?

If you have deleted your Facebook account, you will not be able to log in. You can also look at the privacy settings on your account to see if they have changed. If it has been a while since you logged in, and the privacy settings have been changed, it is likely that you have deleted your account.

Can a deleted Facebook account be hacked?

Yes, if the account was deleted on Facebook and not on the phone or computer. The hacker can use a phone number to recover the account by using an SMS code sent to the phone number of the account holder.

What happens when you permanently delete Facebook?

When you permanently delete Facebook, your account is deleted from the site and all of the information associated with it. However, if you have a Facebook Messenger chat going on when you delete your account, the person you were chatting with will still be able to see that conversation.