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How do I access an old YouTube account?


  1. The easiest way to access an old YouTube account is to sign in using your email and password.
  2. If you have trouble signing in, please visit the Account Recovery page for instructions on how to reset your password or recover your account.

How to recover old YouTube channel without email and password.

How To Log Into An Old YouTube Legacy Account

Does Google have a phone number?

Google does not have a phone number. They have a Google Voice number that you can call to leave a message or send a text, but this is not the same as having a phone number.

Does Google have a 24 hour customer service number?

No, Google does not have a 24 hour customer service number. However, they do offer live chat support for their products and services.

Why am I locked out of my Google account?

If you’re locked out of your account, it’s likely due to a security measure Google has in place to keep your account safe. The most common reasons for this are:
You’ve entered the wrong password too many times and Google is preventing you from trying again.
Your account was flagged as suspicious and is under investigation.
You’re not entering the correct password for your recovery phone number or email.

How many YouTube videos have been deleted?

There is no way to know for sure how many videos have been deleted on YouTube, but according to YouTube’s own blog post in 2017, they deleted 8.3 million videos that violated their policies.

Can YouTube delete an old channel?

YouTube can delete an old channel. It’s possible that the channel is no longer active, which would result in the channel being deleted.

How do you get an inactive username on YouTube?

If you are the original creator of a YouTube account, but have not logged in to your account for more than 6 months, your account will be marked inactive. To reactivate an inactive account, you can log in to your account and verify your email address by following these steps:
Go to youtube.com/verify
Enter the email address that is associated with the account
Enter the password for your YouTube account

How do I link an old YouTube account to my Google account?

You can link your YouTube account to your Google account by following these steps:
Go to the YouTube settings page.
Click on “Connected accounts” in the left menu.
Click “Sign in to Google” and sign into your Google account.
Select which YouTube account you want to connect, and click “Link.

Does YouTube delete inactive accounts?

Yes, YouTube will delete an inactive account after a period of inactivity. The amount of time before deletion can vary depending on the type of account and the user’s settings.

How do I talk to a live person at Google?

Google has a customer service line that you can call for help with your account. You can call them at 1-855-466-4438.

How can I get into my old Gmail account without password?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the specifics of your situation. If you have access to the email account, then you can use one of the following methods to change your password:
If you are not able to access the email account, then it may be possible for Google to help by answering security questions or recovering your account if you provide enough information.

How do I get back my disabled Google account?

First, you’ll need to verify your identity with Google by providing a copy of your photo ID and a copy of the credit card that was used to sign up for the account. Once you’ve done this, you can request to have your account reinstated.