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How do I add my child’s fitbit to my account?


  1. With the tracker nearby, open the Fitbit app, and log in to your account.
  2. On the Today tab , tap your profile picture.
  3. Tap Create Family Account > Create Family.
  4. Tap + Create Child Account. When prompted, enter your Fitbit password.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to review the privacy notice.

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Can I add my daughter’s Fitbit to my account?

You may access your child’s Fitbit profile in the Fitbit app by going to their parent view, which you can do right within the app. Create a new Fitbit account for your kid by managing your family account and creating a new child’s Fitbit account in this menu. Switch to kid mode so that you and your youngster can see their daily statistics while still being able on the internet at the same time under one roof.

How do I add a second Fitbit to my account?

Update your Fitbit app. From the Account screen in the Fitbit mobile app or Fitbit Connect, choose “Set Up a New Fitbit Device.” Follow the steps and replace your watch.

How do I log into my childs Fitbit account?

Download the Fitbit app and sign into your account on your child’s device. Then tap the profile card > My Family viewed the name of your kid among the accounts linked to your family. On the account’s information screen, there’s a button to Turn on Kid View; press it then type in your password.

Can 2 Fitbits be on the same account?

You requested it, and here it is: You can now link multiple Fitbit trackers to the same account. This means that Fitbit users may use one tracker for daily wear (the One) and another for workouts (a Surge).

What is Fitbit family account?

With a Fitbit family account, parents may limit who their children contact with and what information they see in the app, allowing them to protect their children’s privacy while also staying on top of their activity. The Fitbit family account is now accessible on Android version 2.72 and iOS version 2.51.