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How do I cancel a Redbox download?


  1. Click on the “Download & Return” button (this will take you to your download queue).
  2. Find the item or items being downloaded, right click on the row and select “Cancel Download”.
  3. Select OK to complete cancellation of your download(s).
  4. You will be prompted with a message that states ‘You have cancelled all downloads.’
  5. Select OK to confirm this action.

how to download redbox TV

How to download Redbox tv

Can I cancel a movie I reserved on Redbox?

You might be able to get out of your booking if it’s within the rental period but has not yet been collected. To find out more, call our Care team at 866-733-2693 or go to https://redbox.custhelp.com/app/ask

How do I cancel my Redbox on demand?

If you contact Redbox’s Care team at 866-733-2693, you might be able to cancel your reservation.

What happens if you forgot to return a Redbox movie?

You’ll be charged at the end of the maximum rental period if you don’t return the rental. I rented something and wasn’t charged anything. If you’ve ever rented from Redbox, you’re likely used to being charged for your first day’s rental on the following day.

Can I return a movie I bought from Redbox?

Make It Possible With DoNotPay. In comparison to their competition, Redbox has a “return anywhere” return policy, which allows customers to return their DVDs to any Redbox kiosk.

Can you trick Redbox?

Every Redbox disc has a bar code sticker that contains information about the customer’s credit card payment and date of rental. However, when unscrupulous persons copy the bar code – or simply peel off the sticker and replace it in the case -the kiosks are fooled into believing it is the real game.

Can I watch Redbox movies on my ipad?

The new on-demand service is now available through the Redbox website, as well as the Redbox app for iOS and Android, as well as Apple TV, Chromecast, LG and Samsung Smart TVs, and Roku. On-demand movies and TV shows start at $3.99 for 48-hour VOD rentals or $9.99

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