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How do I cancel Audiobooks app?


  1. Go to the App Store on your device and search for “Audiobooks.”
  2. From there, you can tap the “Update” button next to the app.
  3. This will update the app with a new version that has been removed from your device.

How to Cancel Audible Subscription

How To Cancel Audible Free Trial

Why can’t I delete audiobooks from my iPhone?

There is a possibility that you have an audiobook that is not in the iTunes library on your iPhone. To remove these audiobooks, you can go to the Audiobook tab and tap Edit. From there, select the audiobook you want to delete and tap Delete.

How do I delete an audiobook from my phone?

To delete an audiobook from your phone, you will have to go into the app that you are using to listen to the audiobook. The steps for doing this will vary depending on which app you are using.

How do I delete audiobooks from Apple?

The easiest way to delete audiobooks from Apple is to find the audiobook in your library and press the “Delete” button.

How do I delete audible books from my iPhone?

To delete audible books from your iPhone, you can go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Your Apple ID > Subscriptions. From there, you can select the Audible subscription and click “Cancel Subscription.

Why can’t I delete books from iBooks?

You can’t delete books from iBooks because they are not in your library. In order to delete a book from your library, you need to go into the app and delete it there.

How do I permanently delete audible books?

Audible books are stored in your Audible Library, which can be accessed by logging into the Audible app or website. If you want to delete an audible book from your library, you can do so by clicking on the “Delete” button next to the title.

How do I delete my audiobooks account?

Audiobooks is a service that allows you to purchase and download audiobooks. It is an online store that offers a wide selection of audiobook titles, with many books available for free. Audiobooks also offers a monthly subscription service where members can access unlimited listening for $14.95 per month.
If you want to delete your Audiobooks account, you will need to go to the company’s website and log in with your username and password.

Do Audiobooks take up space on iPhone?

Audiobooks can take up a lot of space on your phone. If you’re looking for a way to conserve space, try deleting or moving books that you’ve already listened to.

How do I delete audible books from my iPad?

To delete audible books from your iPad, open the Audible app and tap on “My Library” in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on the book you want to delete. Tap on “Delete” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Why is it so hard to cancel Audible?

It is not hard to cancel Audible, but it can be difficult if you are not aware of the steps. First, go to the Audible website and log in. You will then need to click on your account name in the upper right corner of the page. Next, select “My Account” from the drop-down menu. On this page, you will see a list of all your subscriptions.

Can you return audiobooks?

Yes, you can return audiobooks to Audible.com for a refund.
Audible is a company that produces audiobooks and sells them online. You can return audiobooks to Audible for a refund, but it may take up to 7 days before the refund appears in your account.

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