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How do I cancel deezer on my Iphone?


  1. Open Favorites. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Manage my account (My account for iOS users)
  3. Select Manage my subscription.
  4. Select Cancel my subscription. Choose your reason for canceling and select Confirm.
  5. A message confirming your cancelation will appear.

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Why is deezer charging me?

Deezer subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis. You unintentionally created another Deezer account with a different email address. You used two separate Deezer accounts with two distinct payment options, such as credit cards, iTunes, your mobile provider, and so forth, to subscribe twice.

What happens when I cancel Deezer subscription?

If you cancel your membership, you’ll still have access to all of your playlists and favorite songs in My Music. Simply returning your account to Deezer Free will terminate it. Any music stored on your device that isn’t accessible offline

Does deezer charge after free trial?

At the end of the term, your subscription will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis unless you cancel and return to Deezer Free.

How do I unsubscribe to Deezer?

Go to Settings. Select Account management under Manage my subscription. Cancel your subscription by following the on-screen instructions. Then choose the reason for canceling and confirm with a button push (confirm).

Can I use Deezer without subscription?

With Deezer Free, you may listen to a wide selection of 70+ million songs for free. The service is completely free and relies on advertising revenue to back the artists and material you enjoy. You’ll discover everything from global superstars to regional performers, podcasts, and radio stations.

Can people see your playlist on Deezer?

You have the option to make your whole Deezer Profile private and invisible to other users. Nobody will be able to see your music feed or library.

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