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How do I cancel my free trial on Deezer?


  1. Launch the Deezer app on your phone.
  2. On the main screen, tap on the three lines in the top left corner (the three lines with music notes).
  3. Under “My Account,” select “Cancel My Free Trial.”
  4. Tap on “Yes” to confirm the cancellation.
  5. You’ll be asked to submit your confirmation code. Copy this and paste it into the “Confirmation Code” field when you sign up for a paid account at deezer.com/activate (this is separate from your account password).
  6. That’s it! You’ve cancelled your free trial and can now enjoy streaming unlimited music for as long as you like!

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Does Deezer charge after free trial?

Deezer is a streaming service that offers its users a variety of music to choose from. One of the features that Deezer has is the option to have a free trial. After the trial is over, some people may be wondering if Deezer charges after the free trial is over. The answer to this question is yes, Deezer does charge after the free trial is over.

How do I cancel my Deezer account?

To cancel your Deezer account, visit deezer.com and sign in. On the main menu, select Account & Settings. Under “Your account,” select Cancel My Account. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision.

What happens to my music if I cancel Deezer?

If you cancel your subscription to Deezer, all of the music that you’ve ever listened to on the service will be deleted. This means that any songs you’ve downloaded from the Deezer app or website will be gone too. If you have a premium account, your music will still be accessible even if you cancel your subscription. However, if you have a basic account, your music will be deleted after 30 days without a subscription.

How do I cancel my Deezer account on Paypal?

If you have ever had a Deezer account, then you are likely familiar with the process of canceling it. There are two different ways to cancel an account: through the website and through PayPal.
This guide will explain how to cancel an account through the website.
Cancelling an account through PayPal is relatively easy, but there are a few steps that need to be followed in order for it to work.

Why is Deezer free ending?

Deezer is a music streaming service that offers a variety of music, including some exclusive tracks. Recently, they announced that they will be discontinuing their free service on July 1st. There are several reasons for this decision, but the main reason is that Deezer wants to focus on their premium subscription service.

Why is Deezer charging me?

Deezer is a music streaming service that charges for its services. Some of the reasons for charging can be: a user’s subscription plan, how much music they’ve downloaded, or how many times they’ve listened to a song. There are also ways to avoid being charged, such as turning off in-app purchases or disabling ads.

How do you cancel a subscription?

There are a few ways to cancel your subscription, depending on the service you use.
For example, with some streaming services, you can simply go into your account settings and unsubscribe.
With other services, like newsletters or magazine subscriptions, you’ll need to contact the company directly and ask for cancellation.
Some services will even allow you to cancel within a certain time period after signing up, in case you change your mind later on.

How do I find my Deezer account?

To find your Deezer account, open the app and sign in. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by signing in with your Facebook or Google account.

Is Deezer better than Spotify?

Comparisons between Deezer and Spotify have been ongoing for years, with both platforms touted as the best music streaming service around. So which one is better? The answer is complicated, but in general, Deezer seems to offer a more comprehensive experience than Spotify.
Deezer has a wider range of music genres available than Spotify does, for example. Plus, the platform features a wealth of exclusive content that’s not available on Spotify. This includes albums and tracks from artists you wouldn’t find on Spotify, such as Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar.
However, there are some key areas where Deezer falls short of Spotify. For example, its audio quality can be inferior to that of the Swedish company.

Can I use Deezer for free?

When it comes to streaming music, there are a ton of options available. Some are paid subscriptions while others are free services like Deezer. However, not everyone has the money to pay for a subscription or the time to listen to ads. Is there a way to use Deezer for free?
Yes, you can use Deezer for free if you have an iPhone or Android phone and a data connection. Just open the app and sign in with your account information. You’ll then be able to access your library, play songs, and add them to playlists. You can also listen offline on your device so you can continue listening when you’re not connected to the internet.

How do I change my Deezer subscription?

To find your Deezer account, open the app and sign in. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by signing in with your Facebook or Google account.

Does Deezer have a student discount?

Deezer does offer discounts to students, but the details vary from country to country. In some cases, students can get a 10% discount on all their music streaming services. In others, only specific music genres or age ranges are eligible for discounts. Additionally, Deezer offers a number of additional benefits to students, such as exclusive content and monthly bonuspoints. So while the details may differ from country to country, Deezer typically offers some sort of student discount.

What happens when a free trial ends?

When a free trial ends, some people might be wondering what happens next. In general, most companies follow the same process. You either have to cancel your subscription or pay for the service.
Some people might be afraid that their data will be sold to a third party if they don’t cancel their subscription. That’s not always the case, though. Many times, companies will send you an email with instructions on how to remove your data from their system.
In some cases, companies might try to sell you additional services after your free trial has ended. That’s not always possible, though. If you want to keep using the service, you need to pay for it.

What’s the difference between Deezer and Deezer Premium?

Deezer is a music streaming service that offers ad-supported and premium services. Deezer Premium offers ad-free listening, higher quality audio, and the ability to download music for offline listening.

How much does Deezer cost per month?

Deezer offers a variety of listening options, including both a free and premium service. The premium service costs $9.99 per month, while the free service is limited to 30 minutes of listening per day.

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