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How do I cancel my GPAY transaction?


  1. Open the Google Pay app.
  2. Tap Menu. Activity.
  3. Tap the transaction you want to cancel.
  4. Tap Cancel Payment.

How To Cancel Processing Payment In Google Pay – Google Pay Processing Payment Solution

There are a number of ways to cancel your GPAY transaction. The easiest way is to enter the ‘#cancel’ channel in our telegram group and follow the instructions there, or you can post a message on Twitter using #cancel or email us at [email protected] with the subject line “CANCEL my wallet order”. Note: Please do not email more than one time if it doesn’t work, we will just send you an automatic response asking for more detailed info about your ticket such as screenshots, ticket numbers, etc.

For those who don’t have access to Twitter/Telegram and that want to cancel their orders via email please refer below for instructions: –

Send an email from the email you used to purchase, including your wallet address and the exact amount sent.

This email should be sent from the same email account used when ordering GPay Wallet, if using Gmail please include all details on a single message or separate each one with a dash (-). The subject of this email should have “CANCEL my Wallet Order”. Following are the contents to include:

1. Email Subject (mandatory): CANCEL my wallet order

2. Recipient (mandatory): [email protected]; Please make sure that we can reply to this email from: [email protected] after sending it out so we can contact you if needed in regards to your request; If you don’t include this email we can’t contact you nor proceed with your request.

Note: Please make sure all of the above details are included in a single email otherwise it will not get processed as requested; We may also ask you to submit screenshots, which would be required only if there was an error at our end regarding the transaction. The exact steps to take a screenshot are available here https://goo.gl/4wLu6S, once sent we can take action within 15mins. Do not resend multiple times as we will not be able to detect any issues or take action.

What if I don’t have the exact refund amount?

1. If you do not have the exact amount required to cancel your wallet order, send us a message via telegram and we will ask you to make a small deposit into our bank account (the minimum deposit amount is €10). Please note that this deposit might remain pending for up to 4 business days in some cases depending on your bank. We will release your funds after receiving payment and confirming the payment was made from the same email as used when placing an order. We only accept transfer payments (bank transfers) because PayPal has fees so large they would lower any refunds by far below what customers would expect or deserve; Also, the PayPal account used for receiving payments falls under a different company, so we cannot accept funds through it. It is your responsibility to send us payment from an e-wallet or bank that you can afford to lose, and that has no limits on how much you can withdraw.

How to cancel google pay processing transaction

2. If your order was canceled in time all of the exact refund amounts will be returned within 24 hours after processing; For example: If the exact price of your wallet order was 5$ then all 5$ will be refunded into your original source (Paypal/Bank). If your order was not canceled in time but only partially completed based on what you originally paid for(partial refunds) then a partial refund will be issued back to the original source as well.

How to cancel your wallet order?

1. Visit our website https://gpay.io and click on the ‘Cancel’ button in the top right corner and fill out all required fields, follow instructions carefully as we will not accept any incomplete forms; When using a browser please make sure you are connected via WIFI or cellular data so that there is no issue with connection; For those who don’t have access to PC/Laptop can use their mobile phones (Android & iPhone) with internet connectivity and try placing a new order for GPay Wallet by visiting https://gpay.io from phone’s browser – The Cancel option should be available now, enter all details requested based on screenshots and check the box above confirming you agree with terms and conditions; Then click on CANCEL MY WALLET ORDER button.

2. Do not submit your order more than once else it will be deemed as malicious and all of your GPay Wallet transactions will be automatically canceled without further notice; If you have done this in error please do not panic, contact us via Telegram https://t.me/gpaychannel for immediate assistance so we can push the final initialization to prevent any future transactions from happening; In some cases, we may ask you to send screenshots showing the exact details required, do not resend as we’ll only request them if there is an error at our end regarding your transaction monitoring & verification system.

Note: Once you cancel your wallet order manually using the steps above, we will not take any responsibility if your transaction still goes through or you get charged for it. This is because the order has already been canceled but in some cases, payment may go through as pending for up to 4 business days; If this happens please contact us via Telegram https://t.me/gpaychannel and include a snapshot of the receipt with ‘CANCELLED’ written on it along with your bank’s name & account number so we can verify what happened when the payment was outsourced to our Payment Provider (UAB TEO LT); In some cases refunds are denied and in such request is rejected by our Risk Management division due to fraud detection or misuse of services, if this were to happen then no further action will be taken by our staff.

3. If your order falls under an approved refund then your GPay Wallet will be created within 3 business days after canceling the order; We’ll let you know once it has been done – You should check back on https://gpay.io every few hours to make sure you have not missed anything because we will not send notifications for those purposes; Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours due to technical reasons or temporary downtime, so don’t worry about that and just keep checking the site regularly as updates happen quickly in our department at any given time. NOTE: Extra verification steps may apply if placed during public holidays and weekends where our departments are closed (may require up to 2 days extra) as your transaction will be manually verified by our Risk Management division.

4. When the wallet is created you will get an email notification containing a registration code which should be used to complete the registration process to access & operate the GPay Wallet; Your confirmation will be processed within 72 hours (3 business days) after successfully registering your GPay Wallet and all actions are done automatically, we have no control over this so do not contact us to ask why it does not work – We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

5. All wallets deployed are subject to a security verification process where a snapshot of your ID/Passport may be requested if deemed necessary by our Risk Management division; This usually happens when you order amounts higher than $500 or total transactions exceed $1000 (depends on the country).

6. Once your wallet has been created, you will find that it is empty because no funds have been submitted to it yet; This occurs immediately after our Payment Provider (UAB TEO LT) receives payment which can take up to 4 business days – Please do not worry about this because all transactions happen automatically without any human action involved and everything will be fully completed within 72 hours after registration via email notification containing a registration code.

7. You may check out your GPay Wallet’s balance at any time by visiting https://gpay.io & logging in using the registered email address & password; Confirmations for new/first time users are usually done within 1-2 hours as they go through extra security verification steps which are not always necessary – Please contact us via Telegram https://t.me/gpaychannel for further assistance if it takes longer than that or you have any other questions related to the wallet registration process; There may be cases where automatic verification fails due to credit card issues, a screenshot of the error will be sent to your registered email address along with a phone number for support (which we can provide by request only) so please check this folder regularly in case something like that happens as we cannot accept responsibility for that kind of failures in our services; 8. You can opt-in from https://gpay.io and/or use the ‘Help’ option on our website anytime as there is no maximum limit

How do I cancel my GPAY transaction?

1. Open the Google Pay app.
2. Tap Menu. Activity.
3. Tap the transaction you want to cancel.
4. Tap Cancel Payment.

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