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How do I cancel my Meetme subscription?


  1. Tap Profile. tap the three dots.
  2. Select Account settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap Organizer Subscription.
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription, then confirm by clicking Yes.

Trying to cancel any subscription

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What happens when you deactivate your MeetMe account?

If you don’t want to keep your MeetMe account, you can request that it be deleted. Your MeetMe account will be permanently disabled if you delete it. Their website will also be scrubbed clean of any evidence of your presence, making it seem as if you never had an account there in the first place. If your MeetMe account still exists after you’ve removed it, wait a few days before using it again.

What is a MeetMe account?

MeetMe is an online dating service that allows users to meet new individuals and play games to get to know each other while also forming relationships and dating. MeetMe offers both a free version, which may be accessed either online or via mobile download on iOS or Android, as well as a paid membership.

Can you look someone up on MeetMe?

Users of the MeetMe app used to be fans of Search, a functionality that allowed you to look up other people by name. Unfortunately, the Search option was removed around 2019. There were workarounds at first, but they don’t any longer work.

Is MeetMe a free dating site?

MeetMe is a completely free service that allows you to connect with people over the internet and meet new individuals. MeetMe+ is an optional premium membership that gives you more features for a monthly fee.

What did MeetMe used to be called?

MyYearbook and Quepasa were combined to form MeetMe in June 2012. This renaming is because the term “yearbook” has a stronger meaning of reconnecting with old friends, but the word “MeetMe” implies making new acquaintances, which is what the website is designed for.

Do you get paid on MeetMe?

Yes, you can, the MeetMe Ambassador program may be the appropriate opportunity for you. You may earn money by streaming with them and encouraging others to join you! Their top streamers make over $100 per hour when they stream regularly.