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How do I cancel my VSCO x membership?


  1. To cancel your VSCO x membership, open the VSCO app and go to “Settings.”
  2. Tap on the “VSCO x” tab and then scroll down to the “Cancel Membership” section.
  3. Tap on “Cancel Membership” and follow the prompts.

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How do you cancel your free trial on VSCO?

To cancel your free trial on VSCO, first open the app and go to the Settings tab. Scroll down and tap on “Cancel Subscription” under the “Subscription” section. Tap on “Cancel Subscription” again to confirm.

How much is VSCO xa month?

VSCO X is $19.99/month.

Does VSCO automatically renew?

No, VSCO does not automatically renew. You will need to manually renew your subscription if you want to continue using the service.

Can you use VSCO without a membership?

Yes, you can use VSCO without a membership. However, many of the features and filters are locked behind the paywall.

Does VSCO charge monthly?

No, VSCO does not charge a monthly fee. However, they do offer premium features that can be purchased as an in-app purchase.

How do I cancel my VSCO free trial on Android?

To cancel your VSCO free trial on Android, open the VSCO app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner. Tap on “Settings” and then “Trial & Subscription”. Tap on “Cancel Subscription” and confirm by tapping on “Yes, Cancel Subscription”.

Can you have 2 VSCO accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple VSCO accounts. However, you will need to create a new account for each device that you want to use the app on.

Is VSCO app safe?

Yes, the VSCO app is safe to use. It has been tested and approved by Apple and Google, and it is one of the most popular photo editing apps available.

How much does a VSCO membership cost?

A VSCO membership costs $19.99 per year.

Can you temporarily disable VSCO?

Yes, you can temporarily disable VSCO by going to your phone’s settings and disabling the app.

How do you make your VSCO account private?

To make your VSCO account private, go to the settings page and select “Privacy.” Under “Who can see my photos?” choose “Only Me.

Why can’t I verify my VSCO account?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to verify your VSCO account. One possibility is that you’re not using the correct email address. Another possibility is that your account has been temporarily suspended for violating our terms of service. If you’re having trouble verifying your account, please contact us for assistance.

Is VSCO safer than Instagram?

There is no definitive answer to this question as both VSCO and Instagram are social media platforms that allow users to share photos and videos. However, VSCO is often considered to be a more safe and secure platform than Instagram, as it has more filters and editing tools that allow users to control the look and feel of their photos and videos.

What does VSCO stand for?

VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company. It’s a photography company that makes software and presets for photo editing.

What is the difference between VSCO and Instagram?

VSCO is a photo editing app that offers filters and other photo editing tools. Instagram is a social media app that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers.

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