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How do I cancel my YouTube premium account?


  1. Tap your profile picture. Paid memberships.
  2. Tap on the membership you want to cancel.
  3. Tap Continue to cancel.
  4. Select your reason for canceling and tap Next. tap Yes, cancel.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

How to Cancel Youtube Premium Account

Why can’t I cancel YouTube premium?

If the methods for cancelling your membership are not working, consider the following: Reload your web browser or restart your app, then try to cancel again. Try another browser or an incognito window on your computer if you’re using one. Use another device to attempt to cancel your membership.

Is YouTube Premium easy to cancel?

If you have a YouTube Premium membership and wish to cancel, you may do so through your avatar on a desktop web browser or the mobile app. To cancel YouTube Premium in the App Store on your iPhone, you’ll need to remove it from there.

Does YouTube premium charge after free trial?

When your free trial period ends, it is rolled over into the right membership – either YouTube Premium or Music Premium. Unless you cancel before the end of the trial, we’ll charge your current membership rate to the payment method on file on a recurring monthly basis.

Why did I get charged for YouTube premium?

If you sign up for a trial but are not qualified, you may be charged afterwards. Only first-time YouTube Premium, Music Premium, and Google Play Music subscribers are eligible for trials. If you’re signing up for your first time with a trial, you might see an authorization hold instead of a charge.

Why is YouTube taking money out of my account?

After signing up for a trial or pre-ordering paid content on YouTube, you may see an unfamiliar charge. This is a hold authorization.

Why was I charged twice for YouTube premium?

If you upgrade or change from one membership option to another, you may notice that you’re being charged twice. Some of our paid membership options include additional subscriptions automatically, so if you cancel the lesser-tier subscription, you can potentially save money.

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