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How do I cancel second life premium?


If you would like to update your Second Life membership, please go to the Cancel Account page.

If you would like to discontinue your Second Life membership, please log in and visit the Cancel Account page.

To cancel your second life premium membership, just follow these few steps.

1) Click on the Community tab (it’s the third tab from the top). Then select Help & Support (the first one below). Then click Cancel recurring payments:

2) Type in your password and password again in confirmation then you click Continue. You will be ask to confirm that you wish to cancel your premium subscription. And when you confirm it, this is what happens:

3) And at last you will get a screen like this. You can find all cancellations history searching for “canceled” inside payment section of account settings page after login into second life website with username and password on bottom right corner. There is also online support for cancellations.

Can I cancel my second life premium membership?

Many people ask if they can just cancel the automatic payment or “recurring payments”? And is there an official way to cancel it without paying extra cash? And, is there any way to get a refund after canceling their premium subscription? 

You can just go to your account page and press on Payments in My Account section (for all users) or select Cancel Subscription before next charge date (for regular members). You will be asked to confirm you want to do this and when confirmed the amount of $$$$ will be removed from your balance immediately. Make sure that you have enough money on your account so that you won’t end up with minimum fee.

“I canceled my subscription, why am I still getting charged?”

This is something that you can ask from Linden Lab. And the answer is simple. They say: “It takes about 2 billing cycles for your cancellation to go into effect.” So be patient and wait for it until you don’t see any payments on your account page anymore. In addition to this, they told me that there might also be a case when second life will continue charging despite cancellation if user didn’t log in during last 90 days or more. But before contacting them through official support, please make sure you read what we wrote above carefully!

Can I refund second life premium?

Some people are searching how to get refund on second life premium. But it’s not that easy thing to do. You can’t get full refund for second life premium and you need to know that before payment, because they didn’t offer any refunds on purchases made in second life. Of course, they won’t give you back real money if your balance is negative after buying second life membership or second life items but what you can do is this: Contact them through official support after log in into account with username and password . Tell them about problem(s) you have with your purchase (membership/inworld products) Then ask them if it has been more than 14 days since their last payment went through If yes, request a refund Two weeks later check status of your ticket

If the case hasn’t been resolved, re-open the ticket and ask for another refund Two weeks later check status of your ticket

Your last resort is to sue them (it’s very hard because they are based in USA). You might be able to do it with PayPal though. If you plan to do this, please read following article from San Diego News: http://www.10news.com/money/consumer/mb_1stpersonm041101secondlife2.html. But of course such actions should be taken only if second life did not solve their problem on their own within 30 days or more! In addition to this, I don’t think that any judge will give money back after receiving premium membership for a month which was paid in advance! So think carefully before buying second life premium membership or any inworld products and do your research.

If you have any questions about how to refund your purchase on second life, please ask them through comment section below this article. We’ll be glad to help you out as much as we can. If you are still not sure and want extra information read following article from USA federal trade commission about refunds for digital products: http://ftc.gov/opa/2009/02/refundsvideo games.shtm In addition to this, I also recommend reading a report published by Yahoo News: http://voices.yahoo.com/the-truth-about-video-game-refunds–130532364.html.

Some people are saying that you can chargeback from Paypal if second life is not refunding your money, but I don’t think it is true. As far as I know, PayPal only helps customer in such cases and they should not provide any help to second life if they didn’t fulfill their side of the deal with user. Of course this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try contacting them through official support because there might be a case when PayPal will actually help you like for example in following article: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9125421/PayPal_c ame_to_rescue_in_Xbox_360_refund-gate However, even if they refund you through PayPal, that doesn’t mean second life will.

How to contact them? (official support)

You can use this form to contact them: https://support.secondlife.com/home. When contacting customer support, it is important to mention the following information in order for your request to be taken seriously: Account username and password Transaction ID or product code Order number from your confirmation email Date of transaction date What kind of problem do you have? If you had made any previous purchases on their website, provide the payment method you used with those purchases as well as the amount paid in total for all previous transactions If available, please include any relevant screenshots containing evidence of these issues Please note that Second Life Customer Support will not see any images or files, but the attachments will be stored on our end for reference purposes. If we request your account log-in information, you may receive an e-mail with a link that directs you back to us to access your account details. Once you have logged in and been directed back to this page, please provide all relevant information in the fields provided.

Also please make sure that you are using English language when contacting them because they only understand it (they don’t speak other languages).

What if I didn’t get my refund? What should I do next?

That’s the question… We can just speculate, but since second life is USA based company, most probably they won’t give you refund through PayPal or your credit card provider, but they will perform chargeback instead. In order to know if second life performed chargeback on your purchase (not refund) do following steps: Go to PayPal and login to your account Click “Payment history” Choose transaction in question Open details of the transaction If you saw words “Refunded from Second Life / Linden Lab” it means that this transaction was performed as a chargeback.

IMPORTANT: You should contact credit card company and ask them about chargebacks before receiving any money back. You have only 60 days after the day when you purchased anything on second life to place a complaint with your credit card company! After that, you won’t be able to place a complaint due to statute of limitations.

Important links:

Second life’s official support form: https://support.secondlife.com/home

Paypal’s transaction dispute form: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/securitycenter-home

Credit card chargeback guide from creditcardassist website (not mine): http://creditcardassist.com/.news_a_chargeback_guide_.htm l

Case study about package in which someone got his money back with help of bank and credit card company: http://bankbuddiesavingsblog.blogspot .com/2013/07/i-won-chargeback-for-purchases -i-made.html

Contacting second life blog: http://blog.slunews.com/2013/05/second-life -refunds-can_17b5dd9915ad3e12efd482719f62a9a92 .html

Online dispute form from credit card company website (not mine): https://www.americanexpress.com/dispute?goto=D isputationHomePage .

MLR article about chargebacks and how you can win them: Refunded by PayPal? Prep for a Credit Card Chargeback! : http://trendmillennium.net/2013/02/16/refunded -by-paypal-prep-for-a-credit-card-chargeback/


Second life’s official terms of service: https://secondlife.com/corporate/tos?navId=1 000005&langId=-1#m11

Forums where you can share your experience with second life customer support and also win chargebacks: http://www.mlrforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=21 (look for threads titled “successful chargeback” or something like that) http://www.ripoffreport.com/?lid=1660663 (look for all reports where people request help from second life customer support and members give advice to contact credit.

What happens when you delete your Second Life account?

Deleting an account puts your inventory, land and linden balance at risk. If you wanted to restore it, we could do that but risks exist in terms of acquisition of said items.

How much does Second Life premium cost?

The monthly cost for a premium SL account is $11.99, or you can purchase quarterly and annual accounts that are more expensive- but offer other benefits such as being able to buy/own land and receiving weekly stipends.

How do you release land in Second Life?

From the world menu, select About Land. The About land window opens. Select Abandon Land in the General tab of the About Land window.

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