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How do I change Apple ID on the iPod touch?


Sign in at iCloud.com with your old ID, go to Settings->Manage (Apple ID)->Remove it from the list of devices as well as on your device. Finally, log back into your Apple account using the new ID and set up a different account for that device also if you wish to keep that one synced too.

How to Create an Apple ID for iPod touch

If you have more than one Apple ID on your iPod touch and want to change from the existing Apple ID, do the following: Tap settings. Tap iTunes & App Stores. Tap Apple ID: [your_email]. Enter a new password for your new account. (Re-enter password). Enter a new security code or tap Send Code to receive a text message with a verification code.

How do I reset my iPod touch?

Reset all settings – reset everything except media and sync information back to default values; contacts, email accounts, apps, etc will be erased. Reset Network Settings – wipe out network connection info on your device (WiFi networks you’ve joined) as well as cellular data for mobile internet access; this is for use when you want to wipe out everything on your iPod touch.

How do I update my iTunes with the new version? (iPod touch, iOS 6)

In order to keep this device updated with the latest software and apps, you would have to connect it to either a computer or iCloud using a Wi-Fi connection and download the latest version of Apple’s iTunes app. This is because recently Apple also released its newest mobile operating system called iOS 6 that brings many new features such as awesome mapping software, a Passbook application, and other improvements. Since there is no indication which version of a particular device has been installed in your iPod touch, just follow this simple solution:

Connect iPod touch to a computer using a USB cable or wirelessly using your Wi-Fi connection to get online with iTunes Store. When connected you should see the device in iTunes and follow these instructions:

Click either “Check for Updates” or choose the version that says “Download now”. Be aware that you may be prompted to close iTunes and install the update as a stand-alone app, so check this out first before clicking on anything. You could also drag and drop the new download file into the Applications folder if the updated version is meant only for the iPod touch. Restart your computer after the successful installation of the latest software version. Remember to do this step very carefully as any error might bring about unforeseen consequences which will result in a negative impact on your system’s stability and performance. Delete old files so they don’t take up space.

Note: If you encounter any error and are unable to proceed with the update process, try restarting your computer first before unplugging the device and reconnecting the iPod touchback. Also, close all other applications on the computer as well as the mobile gadget itself which may be causing conflicts and hindering its normal operation. Update for iTunes 10.7 – Build 12A269 allows you to download iOS 6 or upgrade from a previous version directly in Windows PC by using either Apple’s new Software Update capability or standard .dmg file package for Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and later versions of OS X operating system (OS X).

How do I run these installation packages? The best way is to use Google Chrome because it will automatically detect the type of file you are trying to download. Run Chrome and copy the file location using the URL text box. Next, right-click on it and choose the “open with” option or hold down the CTRL key then select open with Google Chrome in your list of options. The package will start downloading automatically into an iTunes directory without additional setup or confusing prompts for installation media like discs or drives. Once complete, launch iTunes from your dock as usual and sign in to your Apple ID account again if necessary (Apple’s newest version is required).

How to Reset iPhone without Apple ID Password

How do I use the Find My iPhone app?

In order to locate a lost or stolen iPod touch, you could simply hunt for it using your computer internet connection or mobile handset which uses some kind of internet connectivity like 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. You must log in to iCloud and use this app to find it fast:

Launch Settings app on your iPod touch (iOS 6) Navigate to the left panel screen of your gadget – select iCloud option Now choose to Find My iPhone menu item using the slide bar at the bottom Choose All Devices from a list you will see Apple logo and name of the device that has been attached with this account Tap on ‘Lost Mode’ button which is located right beneath your device’s name if you are looking for the iPhone or iPad. If it is an iPod touch, make sure to check Show on map marker so once lost you can locate it faster using your computer internet connection. Your device will now show up on iCloud’s map view so you can easily determine where it is located. After locating your lost device, enter a passcode to disable ‘Lost Mode’ which turns off the feature until you need to activate it again.

How do I use iTunes & App Store for free music and video streaming?

You can get the latest news about entertainment with the Apple Music app or access free music videos like official song releases of Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, and lots more without adding them to your library or owning any permanent copies of media files:

Install iTunes onto the computer from the Apple website (free download) if not already installed Launch iTunes and log in using your Apple ID account information Click the File tab at the top center New Account panel will open to your right, click on Get Started button Choose Apple Music or iTunes Match option depending on what you intend to use ( we recommend you to try both services for free as each one offers something unique) Click Subscribe button and follow straight forward instructions to continue.

iTunes music streaming: Login using your existing Apple ID account then click the Set Up an Account link which appears under the header after choosing this service Install iTunes onto the computer from the official download webpage located at Apple Developer portal – Run the program once finished Follow advanced setup instructions carefully until you see ‘Welcome’ screen Now set up a payment method by entering valid credit card information in the dialog box that appears. Choose the next button when ready with the info. Enter full name/password email for your Apple ID account and click the ‘Continue’ button to finish the process

iTunes Match music service: Choose the iTunes Match option instead of Apple Music when prompted during Setup. You can also choose different subscription package plans such as Student, Family, or Single (Non-studio) membership accounts at any time in the future. It’s a new feature that you must be signed in to your iCloud account and connected to a Wi-Fi network before using it the very first time. By installing this app on a computer you will have full access to the entire music library from any 4G enabled iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without downloading any physical copies of media like songs or videos via cloud storage. However, if you want only selected tracks – then keeping local copies is best for everyone. Remember that DRM-protected tracks are not eligible to stream using iTunes & App Store app, however, you can use Apple Music/iTunes Match service also which will allow full access to Apple’s copyright-free catalog with over 30 million songs exactly like Spotify.

How do I change Apple ID on the iPod touch?

Sign in at iCloud.com with your old ID, go to Settings->Manage (Apple ID)->Remove it from the list of devices as well as on your device. Finally, log back into your Apple account using the new ID and set up a different account for that device also if you wish to keep that one synced too.

Can I have 2 Apple IDs for 2 phones?

You can’t share an Apple ID with someone else and use it on two different devices.

Can you have 2 Apple IDs?

You can have two Apple IDs assigned to two different services, which means you’ll have your iCloud and iTunes or App Store on the same account. It also means that any purchases from previous purchases are authorized to be used in this new account.

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