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How do I change my credit card information on Vudu?


  1. You can update your payment method on VUDU.com.
  2. If you would like all payment methods cleared
  3. Give us a call at 1-888-554-VUDU so we can clear them.

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How do I delete my Vudu account?

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve decided to stop using the Vudu Service. Simply call Customer Care at [email protected] or 888-554-VUDU (8838) to cancel.

How do I delete a device from Vudu?

Click here to log into VUDU using your e-mail and password. Select Manage Devices from the My Account drop-down menu. For any devices you wish to remove from the account, click the Deactivate Device icon.

How much does Vudu cost per month?

Vudu does not charge a monthly subscription fee. You just pay for each video or TV series you rent or buy, rather than paying a monthly subscription fee. The rental pricing range is $0.99 to $5.99, while the purchase price ranges from $4.99 to $24.99.

Is Vudu going out of business?

We are not going to shut down Vudu. The Vudu service will not be shut down. You will continue to have access to your movie and TV collection as usual.

Are Fandango and Vudu the same?

Fandango, NBCUniversal’s movie-ticketing and home entertainment arm, has combined FandangoNow with Vudu, the film and TV rental and electronic sell-through service it acquired from Walmart last year. Customers of FandangoNow may also migrate their accounts and films to Vudu.

How do I cancel a Vudu purchase?

The Vudu customer assistance number is (888) 554-VUDU (8838), and it may be found on the Contact Us page. Please feel free to call the number and explain why you’re requesting a refund to the operator.

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