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How do I change my main account on ps3?


  1. Go to PlayStation Network.
  2. Click to Account Management.
  3. Click to Account Information.
  4. Click to Sign-in ID email address and enter your password.
  5. Enter your new Sign-in ID (Email Address).
  6. Select Confirm. If you are changing a sub account Sign-in ID, the master account will need to authorise this by entering their password.

Go to Settings and Account Management in the XMB menu. Then go to “Main” and change it from the account you’re currently signed into.

Can I play games with my brother?

Yes, however only one of you can be signed in on your console at a time. The PlayStation Plus membership is not required for co-op gameplay; however, some games require that the host player must own a copy of the game or that all participating players must have purchased the same preorder DLC content pack(s). You cannot sign into different accounts while playing online with others even if they are on your friend’s list. If you want to switch between profiles mid-gameplay simply press pause and then select ‘switch user.’

How many people can play together at once?

The maximum number is 32 however this will only occur under very rare circumstances such as private matches or by hosting your own custom game. It’s also possible to have more than one game running at the same time. Shoot someone else in a different game mode for them to appear in your game. As more players are added the frame rate and overall performance of the match will degrade so be ready for some noticeable lag spikes.

You can have up to eight online at once in one game but not all matches support that many players because they were designed for a smaller number. If that’s what you need then take control of a vehicle and then speed through it until all 8 slots fill and the host migrates them to another lobby with enough space without kicking anyone out. The new lobby may not necessarily have room to accommodate that many people so expect a few drops along the way.

Can I play against someone who is offline?

Yes, unless otherwise stated when setting up an online match. Actual results vary depending on the game. In LittleBigPlanet Karting you can race against others who are offline but they will not be able to participate in any way other than spectating.

Can I play Grand Theft Auto IV with someone who owns a different version of the game?

Yes, as long as both players own a copy of GTAIV for PS3 and have it installed to their hard drive (the data cannot be streamed). If one or both of the players don’t have GTAIV installed or if they are using disc-based copies then this feature won’t work.

How do I organize an online session with my friends without going through matchmaking?

Invite your friends to party up by selecting Party from the XMB menu. Then choose a game from the list and press X to use that as the party’s game destination. This eliminates the need for matchmaking and if you still want to play with others then you can invite them to your party directly from here or ask them to search for it in the Quickmatch option. Both options work differently so be careful when doing things manually.

How do I remove someone from my online session?

Press ‘options’ while playing an online game and select “leave party.” Once removed, they will have access to their own save file where they can continue whatever progress they made before joining the party without affecting it in any way. Note: You cannot join your own parties after being removed by another player.

How do I set up a private online match?

Introducing Invite-Only Sessions. Find a friend you want to play with and start another party by pressing square when the option is available. Then join their game as normal (e.g. Quickmatch). You don’t even have to be friends on PSN! Just make sure your name isn’t showing and then appear offline when they search for you in the lobby, so other players can’t invite them directly either… This way you’ll be able to play with each other without others being able to join in or drop in and mess it all up (you may get messaged by someone looking for an invite code, however). If all goes well then just remove your friend from the party and start another. It’s that simple!

How do I find an ongoing online session?

When selecting a game from the XMB menu you will be given two options: Quickmatch or Looking For Group. The latter is much more useful, allowing you to find up to 20 players already looking for sessions. If no one has created a private session (i.e., Invite-Only Session) since you’ve last refreshed then this option is likely useless. Use “Search for Sessions” via social club instead which will list all available sessions regardless of how they were set up but note that there may still be some invite codes involved either way even if it doesn’t look like it.”

I thought you said there were no Invite-Only Sessions?

There aren’t. You can still create your own by scrolling to the very bottom of the session list and select “create a new invite-only session.” Then you just have to wait for other players to search for you in that lobby or find it manually via Search For Sessions and hope someone else doesn’t already have invites set up. They both act like private sessions but this method eliminates the need for an invite code, something many people are clearly confused about. Think of it as a shorter term private session with open invites but if everyone wants to play together then they can always use Quickmatch instead which is easier on all accounts.

What happens if I leave my online session while playing a mission?

If you leave then there’s a good chance you’re going to lose your progress as it’ll be logged with the host and not with you. However, if it was your turn to initiate something within that particular mission or narrative sequence (i.e., hacking a terminal) then it will continue without notice while the others wait for you until they can’t take it anymore and quit themselves. This can cause issues later down the line when playing co-operatively so just make sure everyone is synced up at every opportunity. If someone quits early on in a mission or quickly backtracks to do something else then this could also ruin any chances of achieving that 100% completion status but more on that soon…

What if the host leaves during a mission?

The game will crash and you’ll be forced to return to a single player. The same applies when playing co-operatively. If someone quits then the others also have to restart either from a checkpoint or completely back at the beginning of that sequence. This isn’t ideal but it’s something many are aware of going into it, especially if inviting the person in question so just try not to do anything too crazy when they’re around!

What happens if I don’t save in an online session?

As soon as one of you saves progress for whatever reason (i.e., completed all main story missions) then everyone loses their progress since no sync is possible anymore without creating a private session. This can be a real pain if you’re trying to complete something together and the only option is to leave it all behind for someone else to deal with… If you’re wanting to create your own session then use Quickmatch instead which will allow others to join without having saves synced up.

Can we play any missions in co-operative mode?

No, really. Only main story missions and their respective side quests are available (the stuff that’s marked on the map as “primary” or “secondary”) since smaller random events out in the open world aren’t included even if they were present before going online with others. You’ll have no way of collecting wanted items, hidden packages, etc. but this can help with garbage collection so it’s not all bad. Hopefully, there will be an update that patches in more missions down the road but only time will tell…

What happens if I kill myself with explosives?

You’re dead, period. You’ll lose your progress (i.e., survive for X amount of days) and respawn back at the home base along with the rest of the group who now have to go back out into the world to deal with you again. This can become somewhat annoying depending on what everyone is trying to accomplish and might cause issues later on during a specific mission or sequence so try not to do it excessively unless you’re just messing around!

Hey, my buddy logged out/quit but his character stayed behind at the apartment! What do I do?

If you’re currently in a mission then the game will simply log out with everyone else. If not, it’s best to just ignore them and enjoy yourself as even if you restart the console they’ll still be gone forever. This includes any offline play so make sure everyone knows what they’re doing before going online together! The only way around this is through private sessions which are easy enough to set up once you have someone’s invite code but it costs $1.99 for an extra slot if there are more than one of you trying to get involved. Either that or try inviting people over social media such as Twitter or Facebook…

I don’t want to lose my progress after finishing everything!

No, worries, you have the option to start a new game plus once you’re all done which will have all your stats reset back to the beginning while boosting them across the board by 2x! This is how many viewed it originally but now that we know about character switching and level scaling (as discussed in the next section) then there’s really no reason to go ahead with this unless you’re into collecting all those secret tapes or something. Either way, enjoy your final moments of being able to fully customize each character as once they hit max level on their second playthrough then they’ll eventually become unplayable outside of a private session due to “injury”.

How do I change my main account on ps3?

1. Go to PlayStation Network.
2. Click to Account Management.
3. Click to Account Information.
4. Click to Sign-in ID email address and enter your password.
5. Enter your new Sign-in ID (Email Address).
6. Select Confirm. If you are changing a sub account Sign-in ID, the master account will need to authorize this by entering their password.

How do I change the primary account on my ps3?

From the user profile menu, select the user account that you wish to connect to your PSN. Select Yes to confirm the login. Navigate to the PlayStation Network menu and select Sign Up. From there, select Create a New Account (New User).

How do you deactivate a primary ps3?

To delete a local account: you have to sign in and select the information for that account, press triangle on it to get a prompt to delete. After deleting it, any data saved with that info will be gone.

Can you have 2 PSN accounts?

If you have more than one PS4/PS5, you will need a separate PS Plus to account for each. This is because benefits can only be shared from the primary account to other accounts on the same console and there can only be one primary account per console.

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