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How do I change my mobile number on Facebook?


  1. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  2. Under the Login and security section of the Account tab, click Change next to Phone numbers.
  3. Click Add phone number and select the appropriate country from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter your phone number in the New phone number field.

How do I change my mobile number on Facebook?

How to Change Facebook Phone Number in Mobile

How can I recover my Facebook account without phone number?

If you’re unable to access your phone, you can use an alternate email address and a recovery code. You can find this recovery code by logging into your account from a computer. If you don’t have access to a computer, contact Facebook support for help.

How do I log into Facebook with a new phone number?

To log into Facebook with a new phone number, go to the Facebook login page and enter your username and password. Then click the “Forgot your password?” link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

How can I change my Facebook number to another number?

You can change your phone number on Facebook by going to your Account Settings and clicking the “Mobile” tab. From there, click the “Change” button next to “Contact Info.” You’ll need to provide a new phone number and confirm it by entering the verification code that Facebook sends you via SMS.

How do I recover my Facebook account?

If you have two-factor authentication enabled, then the only way to recover your account is through an app on your phone. If you don’t have two-factor authentication enabled, then you can recover your account by verifying your identity with a government issued ID and phone number.

How can you change your phone number?

You can change your phone number through your account settings on the Google Voice website.
You can also do this by calling Google Voice at (650) 253-0000.

How can I get verification code without phone?

You can use a virtual phone number to receive verification codes without having a cell phone.
There are many sites that offer this service. One of the most popular is Google Voice, which offers a free option for this.

How can I open Facebook account without phone number and email?

You can create a Facebook account without a phone number or email by using your name, date of birth, and gender.

How can I change my Facebook password without old password and email?

You can change your Facebook password by going to the Settings tab and clicking on “Security” and then “Edit.” You will be given a new window with a list of security settings. You can also click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link for instructions on how to reset your password.

Can I choose my phone number with T-Mobile?

Yes, you can choose your phone number with T-Mobile.

Can I change my number without changing my SIM?

Yes, you can change your number without changing your SIM. The easiest way to do this is to visit the T-Mobile website and fill out a form with your new number. You will need to provide some proof of ownership of the phone in order for them to activate it on their network.

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