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How do I change my name with TransUnion?


  1. Transunion is a credit reporting agency that provides consumers with credit reports and scores.
  2. To change your name with TransUnion, you will need to submit a request in writing.
  3. If you are changing your name due to marriage, you can submit the request on TransUnion’s website or mail it in.
  4. If you are changing your name for any other reason, you will need to mail in the request.



How do I change my name with the credit bureaus?

You will need to contact each of the three credit bureaus individually. They are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can find their customer service phone numbers on their respective websites.

Does changing name affect credit score?

Changing your name as a result of marriage does not affect your credit score. However, changing your name to something different than your legal name does create problems for creditors if they are trying to collect on debt that you owe.

Does changing your name clear your credit history?

Changing your name does not clear your credit history. Your credit history is a record of all the loans you have taken out and how you have repaid them. Changing your name will not change this, so if you want to clear your credit history, it must be done through the courts.

Does changing your name change your Social Security number?

No, your name and Social Security number are not connected. You can change your name without changing your Social Security number.

Can you avoid debt by changing your name?

The answer to this question is no. You can’t change your name to avoid debt.
Changing your name would not be an option for you to avoid debt.

How do I change my name?

You can change your name by filling out a form with the Social Security Administration. You will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate, as well as some other documents.

What happens when I change my name?

Changing your name can have many different effects, depending on the reason you are doing so. There are two types of name changes: a legal name change and a social one. A legal name change is done through the courts and requires filling out paperwork to petition for the change. This type of change will affect all areas of your life, including your passport, driver’s license, school records, credit cards, etc.

Does TransUnion ask for your social security number?

No, TransUnion does not ask for your social security number.

Does changing your name affect anything?

Changing your name can affect various things, including your credit score, your social security number, and the address on your driver’s license. You may also have to update any account or contract you have with a company that uses your name for identification purposes.

Can debt collectors find me if I change my name?

Yes. A debt collector can find you by using your social security number or by contacting your friends, family members, or colleagues. They will also be able to find you if they have a copy of your driver’s license.

What documents do you need to change your name on your Social Security card?

You will need to apply for a new Social Security card with your new name. You can do this by filling out an application online or in person at your local Social Security office. You will need to submit the following documents:
-Your current Social Security card, if you have one
-A completed application form
-Proof of U.S.

How much does it cost to change your Social Security number?

Changing your Social Security number is a complicated process that can take up to six months. The cost of changing your Social Security number varies depending on the state you live in, but it can cost anywhere from $50-500.

How long does it take to change name on passport?

To change your name on a passport, you’ll need to fill out a form DS-5504 and present it to a passport acceptance agent. You’ll also need two or more of the following:
If you’re changing your name because of marriage, divorce, adoption, or other court order, you’ll need to provide documentation for this.
The process can take up to six weeks.

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