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How do I change my password on Instagram if I forgot it?


  1. Go to the sign-in Instagram account.
  2. Click “Forgot password”
  3. When requested, enter your username, email address, or phone number.

how to change Instagram password if forgotten 2020

How to Change Instagram Password without Old Password

What can I do if I forgot my Instagram password if you can’t remember your password you can reset it using your email address phone number or Facebook account if you’re not able to reset yours?

Your Instagram username, email, or phone number can be used to log in. When you enter your password on the Android device, tap Next and log in. Tap Forgot Password on the iPhone and follow the prompts for various options including entering a new password or retrieving an old one from Facebook if prompted.

How do I retrieve my password?

To view and manage passwords in your Chrome browser, open Settings from the three-line horizontal menu to the right of the address bar. You can either delete or export a password that’s saved by deleting it, as well as viewing it at passwords.google.com

How do I retrieve my Instagram account?

To log out of Instagram, follow these directions: Launch the app on your device. Tap on your username in the top right corner to open the profile page. Scroll down and tap Settings from the menu that appears in the bottom left-half of your screen. Under ‘Log Out’, tap Log out of Your Username before choosing not to remember login information in a popup box that appears after you scroll up and choose Log Out.

How do you change your password on Instagram 2021?

In the Instagram app, go to your profile and tap three short lines. Tap Settings → Security → Password. Enter your current account password, then enter a new strong password with 10 or more characters – no spaces included. Finally, tap Save again to save changes.

Why can’t I log into my second Instagram account?

Firstly, make sure your app is updated. You can also delete and reinstall the app in order to fix this issue. You can add multiple Instagram accounts on the same device without having to log out and back in.

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