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How do I change my PayPal account on Facebook?


  1. Go to PayPal and log into your account.
  2. Click the Settings.
  3. Click Payments.
  4. Click Manage preapproved payments.
  5. You should see Facebook, Inc.
  6. Click Set Available Funding Sources.

You can change the PayPal account associated with your Facebook profile at any time. To do this, follow these steps:

1 Log into your Facebook account and click on the down arrow icon next to “PayPal” in the left column of your homepage, as shown below:

2 Click Account Settings from the menu that appears on the right-hand side of your screen. You’ll see an overview page for your PayPal account settings as shown below. Scroll down to “Change country or region,” and click it.

3 Choose a new country/region from which you want to purchase items using your PayPal account. Once you’ve made this change, you will no longer be able to use this same PayPal account to make purchases from sellers outside of the countries in which you have specified.

4 Click “Continue” to confirm your new country/region selection, then click “Done.” Your account settings will be updated and you can return to checking out on Facebook.

What kinds of payments does Facebook accept?

The following payment methods are currently accepted by Facebook: Credit card payments are available in the U.S., Canada, and certain other countries where indicated below. Direct debit is available in the U.K. for Basic Accounts only (see “What is a basic account?”). Most other payment methods are currently not available internationally, but this may change in the future as we expand into new markets around the world. Note that your country/region setting on your PayPal account must match with the country/region you select when signing up for a Facebook Payments profile before you can pay using any type of payment method except credit cards or direct debit from your bank account.

What is a basic account?

A basic Facebook Payments profile is an account type that allows you to make purchases using your bank directly and incur no fees from us. If you have a Basic Account, you’ll be asked whether you want to pay by credit card or by direct debit from your bank when purchasing items on Facebook at participating merchants. For more information about how to set up a Basic Account please read here.

What is merchant verification & How does it work?

When creating a Facebook Payments profile, we ask you for some basic information about yourself such as your name, date of birth, and email address so that we can verify the payments associated with your account. We will then send you a link to a secure, third-party website where you can enter additional information such as your address and phone number. We do not store any of this information on Facebook servers. Some countries/regions may require you to provide an ID number or other government-issued documentation when creating a profile for merchant verification purposes, in which case we will ask that you visit the same secure website so that we can confirm the validity of your account and acquire the necessary documentation. If Facebook cannot verify who you are, your payment method may be declined or your account suspended until you can verify your identity.

Why did I receive a message saying my credit card was declined?

There are many reasons why payments made on Facebook might result in a declined transaction Perhaps your credit card has expired, your bank account doesn’t have enough money in it, you don’t have enough credit available on your card to make a purchase, or Facebook couldn’t verify who you are. It’s also possible that there was an issue with the payment processing network and the transaction didn’t go through because of technical difficulties beyond our control. Others may discover their payments were declined because they had set up multiple profiles for merchant verification purposes but did not complete all the steps necessary to create those accounts before attempting to make a purchase. If a problem arises during any step of this process, Facebook will notify you by email so that we can resolve the issue quickly.

How do I receive refunds for my purchases?

You can a request a refund for your purchase through either the Ads or Payments interface. To do so, click on the transaction in question in your PayPal’s Purchase History, then click the “Report Problem” button below that transaction. From there you can request a refund if you have not yet received an order confirmation from the merchant and believe it is fraudulent.

How long does it take to receive refunds for purchases?

PayPal will issue full refunds for purchases paid to Facebook within 14 days of payment. However, it may take longer than this time period to complete these transactions depending upon how quickly you file your request with PayPal and whether any issues arise during review of your account when processing the refund. In some cases where fraud is suspected, we reserve the right to process refunds for purchases made at merchants that have been manually approved by Facebook’s control team. In these cases, we will work with our partners at PayPal to process all refunds within 10 business days of the initial order confirmation email from the merchant.

How do I request a purchase be credited back to my account?

You can submit a ticket via the Ads interface if you believe that an item should not have been charged or paid for. From within your transaction history you can click on “View Confirmation” below the Paypal transaction ID and then select a reason why you think your payment was ineligible in the dropdown menu next to “Request Credit For.” Then follow the additional steps as prompted. If this is an eGift card that was purchased on Facebook, please visit your redeem gift page with your email address at http://www.facebook.com/gifts to check the status of your gfit card and for more information about how to request credit back through PayPal if it was not received as expected.

How do I create an account using my mobile phone?

Creating an account via our mobile app is simple: just provide us with a valid phone number, and we will send you a PIN by text message to complete the process so you can begin making purchases on Facebook immediately!

What if I don’t have access to a computer or the Internet? Can I still sell products or services on Facebook using Paypal?

Absolutely! You may use your mobile phone to make purchases on Facebook. You’ll also be able to buy products and services from other sellers using a mobile phone or tablet, even if they don’t have Paypal set up in their account yet.

What kind of information do I need to provide when I sign up?

You will need an email address (which you can use for multiple profiles), a password, and either a credit card number, bank account information or the ability to add funds via bank transfer. We are working hard to eventually offer other payment methods such as direct debit from your checking account. Unfortunately we cannot support non-credit/debit card payments at this time.

How do I create multiple merchant accounts? Is this allowed?

You can set up multiple merchant accounts. As long as you have a business name, tax ID and address for each, it is not considered abuse of the system.

How do I change my password?

Log into your account at http://money.facebook.com/paypal You will see a “Password” link with an option to change your password once on screen. Please note that if you do this before making an initial purchase or adding funds to your account via bank transfer, then any pending purchases submitted prior to changing your password will fail and not be processed until you provide us with the correct information (which may delay said payments). If you are encountering problems completing transactions using Facebook Payments after changing your password please try using the password recovery option or submitting a ticket to request that your account be manually approved by our control team.

How can I update my shipping address?

If you have already purchased items using Facebook Payments, go to your Order History page via http://www.facebook.com/paypal and click on “View Confirmation” below the Paypal transaction ID for each item you wish to edit then click “Update Shipping Address.” If this is an eGift card that was purchased on Facebook, please visit your redeem gift page with your email address at http://www.facebook.com/gifts to check the status of your gfit card and for more information about how to change the shipping address if it was not received as expected.

How do I request a refund?

Please contact us at (866) 589-5518 or via email at http://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/helpcenter/helphub/home . Selecting “I have a question about my account” will route you to the correct department based on your issue and allow you to describe what happened in more detail.

Can I make a purchase using Facebook when my friend is not available? Can it be sent as an eGift card?

You can buy something from a person’s profile even if they are not currently online. When you consider purchasing an item, the seller has the option of setting it up as an eGift card. You can send it as a gift to your friends or family, or you can choose “Send as Gift” in Messages > Compose and select the person’s name from the drop-down menu.

How do I get started once my account is approved?

Congratulations! Once your account has been approved you will receive an email including next steps on setting up Facebook Payments in your profile, how to purchase products and services using Facebook Payments on profiles of people who aren’t yet Paypal customers, and information about using our Virtual Terminal on mobile devices (coming soon!) If you do not already have a shopping cart system set up on your web site, please contact us at http://www.paypal.com/us/

How do I change my PayPal account on Facebook?

1. Go to PayPal and log into your account.
2. Click the Settings.
3. Click Payments.
4. Click Manage preapproved payments.
5. You should see Facebook, Inc.
6. Click Set Available Funding Sources.

How do I change my payment account on Facebook?

1. Visit your Payment Settings.
2. Below Payment Methods.
3. Click Add Credit or Debit Card to add a new card.
4. To remove a payment method.
5. Select Remove.

Is PayPal linked to Facebook?

Facebook has partnered with PayPal to offer a seamless payments experience for people who use [Facebook] Messenger. … Correction: Facebook is expanding its partnership with PayPal, which currently has 2.5 million accounts linked in the U.S., to improve customer experiences on Facebook’s messenger service.

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