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How do I change my sky ID account?


You’ll need to set up a new Sky ID and link your new account to it. If you want to reuse the email address you used on your old Sky ID, you’ll have to change it in your old one. You’ll be able to use the email address from your old Sky ID with your new one if you do this.

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To change your sky ID account username or password, you will need to reset your Sky email address in the following way:

1. Go to ‘My Account’ at https://www.sky.com/myaccount

2. Select “Reset My Email Address” under the Email section on the left-hand side of the page

3. Enter your new username for your email address and click Continue

4. You’ll then be sent an email with further instructions – follow these steps to complete the process! It’s really important that when generating a new password you choose one which is very different from any previous ones you’ve used before! If you use the same password for everything it could cause problems later on if someone manages to access your account.

5. That’s it! Your email address has now been updated and you can change your password for your sky ID account at https://www.skyid.com/skyid/passwordReset.do just as before by clicking “Forgot Password”.

You cannot change the username of your Sky ID account, because this is automatically assigned to your email address when you register an email with us; selecting a different one would mean having to create a brand new account which would result in all personal details (address, payment information etc) becoming unlinked from it, so we don’t allow this to happen for security reasons. If you entered the wrong email address when creating your Sky ID or want to change it, simply reset your email address by following the steps shown in this article.

Please note: If you’ve logged into any Sky services (e.g. MyAccount) using your Sky ID, you will need to carry out a password reset when updating your account details! This is necessary in order to add any new payment information we may require etc and ensures that all existing sessions stay active whilst you do so – there’s no risk of losing access to your accounts or data! You won’t need to log in again after changing these details though; just go to SkyID and use the credentials supplied.

if I buy a new phone with my old sky id, how do I use it?

Your Sky ID is not linked with your SIM in any way and does not affect what SIM you have in a particular device. Make sure that when you log in for the first time on a new device that you verify your number once you’ve chosen a sign in method i.e. SMS, app or web code.

do I change my sky ID account?

You can’t change a Sky ID currently. It is not possible to recover a lost or forgotten Sky ID, so make sure you save the information in a secure place if your Sky ID has been used to protect your account with 2-step verification. If you know where your Sky ID is and want to use it on a different service, contact us. If you want to change your email address, go to My Account and choose ‘Change my details’. This will allow you to update your personal details such as name or billing information on existing accounts. You can also do this via the app under ‘My account’.

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