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How do I change my textPlus number?


  1. Go to your “Settings” by tapping your menu button.
  2. Select “contact info” and tap on “Your personal textPlus number”
  3. Tap on “Choose your own number” and choose an area code and state. choose your phone number from the drop down menu and you’re all set!

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How many times can you change your number on textPlus?

You may modify your textPlus number once by using the TextPlus Free Calls app. Your textPlus number is used for both texting and calling, so you’ll receive a new phone number. You will be given a new number by textPlus Free Calls.

How long does textPlus number last?

Unfortunately, textPlus numbers are returned to the system after 7 days of account inactivity. You may avoid this by logging into the app before then, or buying KEEP MY NUMBER in the shop.

How long do TextNow numbers last?

At least once every two days, we recommend you make an outgoing call or text with your TextNow number. While your number won’t necessarily be deleted after two days, each account and area code is unique.

Can I use textPlus number for WhatsApp?

Create a US phone number for your WhatsApp account is yet another approach to get an account with the United States. You may also create a USA phone number for your account using TextPlus software. Alternative ways to use Voxox include by using the TextPlus app, which allows you to make a USA phone number for your WhatsApp profile.

Is textPlus really free?

It’s a low-cost texting and phone plan alternative. A free software for sending text messages and making phone calls on mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Available for download to mobile phones running iOS (iPhone), Android, other smartphone and tablet operating systems.

Is textPlus app safe?

TextPlus, on the other hand, is one of the few dependable phone-based applications for long-distance calling (you can use it to call a landline in another country – you’re not calling smartphone-to-smartphone) and does not require an annual subscription.