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How do I check my local guide level?


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps.
  2. Touch the menu.
  3. Touch Your contributions.
  4. Your level and total points count will be displayed.

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What is the Local Guide Level? The Local Guide Level (LGL) is a measure of how active you are on Google Maps. As your LGL rises, you unlock exclusive features and rewards to help make exploring even more rewarding. To find out what level you currently have, visit this link: https://goo.gl/A3n5q6 You can also see your progress towards reaching the next level by visiting this page: https://goo.gl/bQ4MkI

What are the Local Guide levels? There are currently 4 LGLs: Level 1 (Beginner) You can now set your Home and Work locations, add a custom marker on the map, add additional details about a place, and leave reviews for places. Level 2 (Explorer) Your personalized recommendations just got better! With this level you will see your favorite places from Google Search near your home or work displayed on the map, along with other improved features.

Level 3 (High Explorer) Now get even more personalized recommendations for things to do in new areas you’ve recently visited. In addition, you’ll have access to added functionality within your Local Guides Map Hacks. Level 4 (Road Warrior) This is it! With Road Warrior status you will receive an exclusive invite to attend a Street View Summit in 2016. You’ll also have access to additional features and perks that will be revealed once this level has been unlocked.

How do I check my Google level?

Open the Google Play Games app. Tap Profile at the bottom. The number on your profile photo will be your level.

How do I see local guides on Google?

To become a Local Guide, go to the forum and sign in using your Google account. Then you may start a discussion and respond to other members’ postings. You can also customize your community experience, suggest ideas, and vote on the ones you like best. We encourage Local Guides to visit Connect frequently so that they may contribute.

What is local guide Level 5?

Level 5 Local Guides are for those who earned 500,000 or more dollars. This caused a lot of frustration among local guides. The updated level system allows for levels up to ten, which increases the enthusiasm of each participant, appreciation, and contributions.

What is my Local Guide?

The International Association of Dive Sites (IADS) was established in 2002 to develop international dive tourism and increase the profile of diving worldwide. As a Google Trusted Local Guide, you can help other travelers decide where they should go and what they should do with their trip by writing reviews, uploading photos, answering queries, adding or editing places, and checking facts on Google Maps. Millions of people rely on your contributions like these to make decisions about where to visit and what to do during their holiday.

What is a Google Local?

Google+Local, which was derived from Google Places, is a service provided by Google that allows businesses to be searched for on Google Maps. Through the Google Places Business Center, company registrations are generally produced automatically by Google or may be established and maintained by companies themselves.

How do I follow a local guide?

Go to the profile of a Local Guide you’d want to follow. Select “Follow” from the drop-down menu on a Local Guide’s profile page, then scroll all the way down to the “Contact Me” section and pick that option. To see what people you follow have been posting recently, click “Following” in the left-hand navigation.

Does Google pay Local Guides?

You won’t be rewarded for being a local guide. Google Localguides is a volunteer program in which you can share your information about places you’ve visited using Google Maps. For your expeditions, Google may provide you with incentives.

Do you get paid to be a local guide on Google?

According to our rules, Local Guides are not compensated nor may they profit from their involvement. The Local Guides program is for people who enjoy contributing to Google Maps and want to help others discover and explore the world. They can also get access to other perks, such as: Early access to new Google servicesn

What is local guide level?

Google Maps’ Local Guides is a free tool from Google Maps that allows anybody to add pictures, evaluations, and other information. Your current level may help your contributions gain trust and authenticity if other people see you’ve posted them on Google Maps.

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