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How do I claim an old YouTube account?


After you’ve logged into the YouTube app, go to www.youtube.com/gaia_link and enter your YouTube username and password in the box on the left. Note: If you can’t recall your old YouTube password, there is no way to recover it for these accounts. Select Claim channel from the drop-down menu.

How To Log Into An Old YouTube Legacy Account/Channel with Google account EASIEST METHOD

How to recover old YouTube channel without email and password.

Claim an old YouTube account follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Open the Old Account Settings Page (Optional)

Before we can proceed with claiming the old YouTube channel, make sure that it has at least one uploaded video. If it doesn’t, follow these instructions. Then come back here and open up this page in another tab: Youtube Account Settings. Enter your username / email address / password (if available) and click ‘Sign in’. You should now be on the old account page.

STEP 2: Make a Quiz (Optional)

YouTube requires that you pass a CAPTCHA test before your request to restore your channel can be completed. They only offer 5 options (out of 10,000 possibilities), and one specific answer is usually easy to find out. I skipped this step and still managed to claim my old YouTube back successfully, but this is something you might want to consider if you’re under 18 years old or for some reason your age isn’t displayed in the YouTube profiles About section. Anyway, make sure the ‘I’m not a robot!’ box is checked off and proceed by clicking Continue.

STEP 3: Request Your Channel Restore (Recommended)

Now that you’re on the old account page, it’s time to click this link YouTube Restricted Mode Bug. This way your request will be submitted through official channels. You have to wait up to 14 days before getting a response though, so go do something else meanwhile.

STEP 4: Submit Your Request With Google Support (Optional)

This step is optional, but I did it myself because I had more questions about the process and wanted to make sure that everything goes smoothly for my readers. Here’s what I did: Go here, type ‘Restore my channel’ (or ‘Report inappropriate content’) then select Option 1 (YouTube Account and Video Issues). On the next page, click on 6Old YouTube Accounts), followed by Option 2 (I want to restore an old account). Request option will now appear. Select it, read the disclaimer and submit your request. Note that you may have to provide Google with your phone number if this is your first time using their support services.

STEP 5: Wait for a Response (Recommended)

Any day now you should get an email from Google containing an approval or rejection of the channel restore request, but you can speed things up by visiting this page. For example, I was browsing other websites while waiting for my response, but when checking back later I found out that there’s only one step left – confirming the request via email. Your mileage may vary though. So make sure to visit this page once every 7 days to check up on your request.

STEP 6: Confirm Your Request (Recommended)

If it’s been over 14 days since you submitted your channel restoration request via official channels, go to this page and follow the instructions provided there. Then wait for another email from Google explaining what to do next. According to them, the process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on a number of factors, so just be patient and don’t worry if nothing happens for a while. And that’s about it! As far as I know, there are no other methods of regaining access to an old YouTube account without approval from Google itself.

How do I activate an old YouTube channel?

Log in to YouTube. Create a channel by filling out the form. This action will restore your YouTube channel. You can now make your films and playlists available to view on the Videos page after re-creating your public channel.

How do you recover a YouTube account if you forgot the email?

Go to www.youtube.com and log in with your credentials. Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Forgot Email from the drop-down menu if you’ve forgotten your email address. You’ll be prompted to provide your recovery email or phone number. Continue on to Step 6. Your YouTube account will be set up for you automatically, and you may sign into it using this email address that has been assigned to it by Google’s system.

Why is my YouTube channel not available to be claimed?

If a YouTube channel is deleted, it may be listed as “unavailable” by the website owner. If your firm closes its YouTube account or channel, a new account will need to be established and all content must be re-uploaded — the closure is permanent.

How do I get my old YouTube channel back?

Go to www.youtube.com/gaia_link and select Claim channel in the box on the left. Enter your YouTube username and password in the box on the left. Unfortunately, if you can’t recall your old YouTube password, there is no option for resetting it.

How do I recover an old YouTube channel?

Sign in to YouTube Studio. Select Settings from the left sidebar. Select Channel Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page. Choose Remove YouTube Content from the drop-down menu. Select I want to permanently delete my material.

How do I find my YouTube account?

Log in to your YouTube account. Click your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen. Settings are available. From the left menu, choose Advanced settings. You’ll see your channel’s user ID and channel ID, as well as any other identifiers you may need to view more information about your videos (e.g., release date).

Is my YouTube password the same as Gmail?

You use your Google Account to sign in to YouTube, so your YouTube password is the same as your Google Account password. To change your Google Account password, follow the steps given there.

How do I link an old YouTube account to my Google account?

Select a New Account. A new Google Account will only be accessible to you if the e-mail address is different from your old one or if you have previously had a Google Account that has been disabled due to an expired password link). Click Settings from the context menu. Select Advanced from the drop-down menu, then click Change Google Account.)

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