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How do I clear my social media identity?


  1. Go to the Me section.
  2. Click on the in the top right corner.
  3. Select Manage My Account.
  4. Select Delete Account.
  5. Go to the Delete my account button.
  6. Tap the delete your account.

How To DELETE Your Online Identity

Are there bots in the Telegram chat?

Yes, and they are pretty much useless because you can’t issue commands to them (other than using the /new bot command which generates a random name for a bot), or private message them. They don’t have push notifications enabled so when new posts are made you won’t receive any alerts either. There is no way to remove posts from these bots either which is actually what’s causing some of the frustration. I’ve been asked about this a few times and have considered just removing all the bots from the group because it’s annoying to see them, but I don’t really want to do that for people who still find them useful.

How many coins are you pre-mining?

10 million coins total will be mined through PoW. This amount is static so even if we get more miners on board there will never be any more than 10 million coins in existence (unless a fork changes this). After we premise those 10 million coins they’ll go into a coin base transaction where the miner or pool operator can claim them by providing their node ID as part of block submission and we can verify that they were able to mine at least one block before claiming the reward.

If you’re using a pool to mine there’s no way for the pool operator or yourself to be able to claim those coins as they’ll all go straight back into circulation in the next block. The only people who will be able to claim the premise are solo miners and that’s only if they manage to find one of the 10 blocks that we’ve premise. There is no other reward for mining beyond what you can receive from mining rewards so even if one of these coins becomes worth $1 it won’t change how much you could potentially earn before claiming your premise reward. I also want to make sure everyone knows that I have sold around 2 million coins through my personal pre-sale, which accounts for roughly 30% of the PoW reward.

Can I buy Crown with fiat (USD, Euro, etc)?

No, not at this time. We are considering adding a handful of other coins ASAP though so if you’re interested in what those will be hit me up on Telegram (@kingscrown) and let me know which ones you’d be most interested in (and why). Please note that we will only be selling this crypto-to-crypto so don’t ask about adding USD or other traditional currency support because that’s never going to happen. Also remember that when we do add additional coins they’ll need a few blocks (~30 minutes) worth of confirmations before being enabled for trading, withdrawals, etc. so please be patient.

When are you adding new coins to CryptoBridge?

We’ve got a pretty intense waitlist for new coins so we can’t say specifically when any of them will get added, but one thing I do know is that as soon as the code for Crown is complete and published on GitHub it will get added to Bridge very quickly right behind my own project Legends Room (which currently has several hundred thousand dollars worth of LGC locked up in escrow).

How To Decrease Your Digital Footprint

Can I mine Crown with SHA256 ASICs?

No. Crown uses five different algorithms that aren’t compatible with most modern SHA256 ASIC mining equipment. While there are some ASICs out there that are capable of mining Crown they’re not very popular because their low power consumption, high efficiency (compared to GPU mining), and price point make them less attractive than their SHA256 counterparts. I’m considering adding a mandatory also change with the next fork as an “upgrade” to discourage ASICs from ever being developed for Crown due to this reason.

Can we implement <insert feature>?

We’re open to hearing what people want out of the coin if it can be done in a secure manner, but please don’t expect us to add any specific features unless they’re already part of Bitcoin or Litecoin because those are our reference implementations. If there is something that you think would improve Crown more than those changes then let me know why you think that would be the case, and if there’s enough support behind the idea then we may add it.

Should I mine Crown on a GPU?

As of right now yes, although you should expect to have to change the all go once every month or two until ASICs go away completely due to how hard we’re making things for them by constantly changing things up. As long as you don’t mind having to periodically tweak your equipment each time an algorithm changes and accept the fact that the reward will be significantly less than from SHA256 based coins then you’ll come out far ahead by switching over (especially since most of us are still using CPU only mining with Crown). Just to give you an idea of how much we’re paying out in comparison: You can currently earn roughly $1 per day mining Crown on a single CPU with a single thread and no GPUs, or about $100 per month (at current network difficulty) โ€” that’s 8x what you could expect to earn from mining LTC and almost 300x what you’d make daily by sticking with Ethereum.

How can I mine Crown?

We’ve been saying for quite some time now that we’re happy to have anyone create new pool software for Crown (or any other coin) as long as it’s done in an open source way, and we’ll consider adding anything worthwhile even if it’s not 100% secure just like Bitcoin Core is still on MYCELIUM BRIDGE

Come on, why are you asking for my private keys? I’m not an idiot yo.

This is 100% optional if you just want to use CryptoBridge as a trading platform then all you need to do is register and verify your account as most other exchanges require. If you want access to the markets and orders but don’t feel like sending us your Private Keys/seeds then you can just opt-in with a simple sign ‘n’ send verification message instead. Please note that we will never ask for any sensitive information regarding Bridge (or any services related) unless it’s already been verified by our staff first (and even then we prefer to use encrypted messaging whenever possible). Can I run multiple wallets through Bridge if I want to?

Why yes, yes you can. We support as many wallets as you’d like to register for participating in the Crown network without any additional fees beyond what we already charge for trading (plus a small fee to cover our own running costs). Where do I get more information on how everything works here.

How do I know you’re not a scam?

I don’t, and neither does anyone else who deposits coins here unless they’ve done their own due diligence. Exchanges have been known to exit scams before (even 2 of them in the past month alone) so if you’re expecting anything more than just a simple trading platform then you may want to consider doing your own research first. That being said we’ll be participating in weekly AMA sessions every Monday at 8 PM UTC that will be broadcasted on RT’s & Reddit where we can answer live questions from the community. We’ve already done one of these last week and are happy to announce that they will now be hosted by none other than our very own Dan Wasyluk (CEO of CryptoBridge). Check out the recording from that first AMA session here. For those who want more granular information (such as the exchanges we’re currently withholding funds from) then you can check them out in our FAQ on the community hub or by reading over the many updates that are posted on Reddit.

How is your coin, BridgeCoin, different?

By design, it’s not intended to be all that different other than being used in a completely decentralized exchange. We have 0% trading fees at this time and will never introduce any additional features beyond what’s already available with Cryptocurrencies โ€“ i.e., no fractional trading, pump & dumps, exit scams, etc. Interestingly though CBE schematics are completely open-source and will remain that way to ensure anyone can audit any code changes we make in the future, unlike a few other exchanges who prefer not to share their coding with the public. In many ways, Bridge is better than even the trading features within Bitcoin Core because you’ll never have to wait for confirmations when sending or receiving coins from another user of Bridge. We’ve also made sure that you have complete control over which coins are sent/received by using multi-sig addresses (for both deposits & withdrawals) just in case things go wrong. Why did you choose Crown as your first coin? The reason why we chose Crown was simply that it was one of the most widely distributed coins out there from a technical perspective. To put that into perspective, the top 100 wallets contain ~70% of the total supply and have been distributed to well over a thousand different locations. We don’t maintain control over any pools, exchanges, or staking nodes ourselves either so it was simply one of the levelest playing fields we could find for such an integration. Why have you only listed Crown on your exchange?

Why not? We’re new in this market with limited resources but also quite ambitious and despite what others may think, there are actually very few coins out there that are even suitable for decentralized exchange integrations (too much centralization). The only other currency we’ve considered is Blackcoin because its Proof-of-stake algorithm makes it possible to quickly confirm order submissions โ€“ this means less waiting around when trading.

We’re also working on new exchanges of our own which will be more tailored to specific coins and their respective communities. The first one we’ll be launching is a proof-of-work (dPoW) style exchange that will allow users to deposit & trade any PoS coin with no additional modifications needed beyond setting up a new address for depositing funds so keep an eye out for that one soon. Finally, what’s the deal with this bridge.

How do I clear my social media identity?

1. Go to the Me section.
2. Click on the in the top right corner.
3. Select Manage My Account.
4. Select Delete Account.
5. Go to the Delete my account button.
6. Tap the delete your account.

How do I clean up my social media?

deactivate accounts you no longer use. choose a recent photo for your profile. update your headline with social media updates to reflect this change using status symbols like.

How do I clean up my online identity?

This will remove your information from databases, keep it off the internet, and prevent social networking profiles from being hacked.

Is it good to delete your social media?

It is important to choose how you spend your time wisely, so make sure it’s worthwhile and important. Secondly, deleting social media apps will increase attention span and decrease being easily distracted.

Why would someone delete their social media?

Social media platforms are building in stronger safeguards designed to reduce the potential for negative emotions.

Can you wipe your Facebook clean?

Facebook has an option that allows you to delete your account through the Settings menu under General and then Delete Your Account. Note that Facebook claims it may take up to 90 days before all the content is fully deleted from their servers.

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