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How do I clear the cache on my TracFone?


  1. Press the key below the word “Browser.”
  2. You will connect to the TracFone Mobile Web.
  3. Go to “Clear Memory” and press SELECT. “History” will be checked.
  4. Go to “Cache” and press “Pick.” Go to “Cookies” and press “Pick.”
  5. Go to “Clear Memory” and press SELECT. You will be prompted for confirmation.

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What happens if you clear cache your phone?

When the app cache is deleted, all of the data stated above is erased. Then, as data, it backs up more critical information such as user preferences, databases, and login credentials. When you wipe the data, not only does the cache but also thedata get removed.

How do I free up space on my Tracfone?

Make sure your phone is switched off. Locate the microSD card holder, which is to the left of the battery compartment.

Is clearing cache safe?

Is it safe to clear an app’s cache? Yes, in a nutshell. Because the cache contains non-critical files (that is, ones that are not absolutely required for the app to function properly), deleting it should have no detrimental effect on the application’s operation. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox also prefer using a lot of cache.

Does clearing system cache delete everything?

Clearing the cache on your Android device may help to fix problems and improve performance by removing temporary files linked with the operating system. This operation will not erase your data or settings.

Can I delete cached data?

When it comes to deleting cached data, Android is comparable to iPhone. To delete cached data, you’ll need to search for an app in your settings. Locate the program for which you wish to remove stored data. Select Clear Cache from the drop-down menu.

Can I clear the cache on my Android phone?

App caches are typically useless data files that can be safely removed to save space. To empty the garbage, go to the Storage page, find the app you want, and then click the Clear Cache option.

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