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How do I close bet365 account?


First and foremost, you must login into your account and click the “services” option in the top right corner, then click “members” to discover an option called “my account,” then “responsible gambling.”

How to Close Bet365 Account easily

How To Close Or Reopened Bet365 Account

How do I remove my card details from bet365?

To delete a debit card on your GoBank account, go to Manage Cards via Bank in the Account Menu, then select Remove next to the debit card you wish to remove.

Do bet365 close winning accounts?

Yes, just like any other bookmaker. Playing it safe is the best way to keep your Bet365 account active.

Why is my bet365 account closed?

Bet365 may completely shut down your account at the extreme end of account limits. You might attempt to log in only to discover that no account under your details exists, or you may receive a warning that your account has been terminated.

Can I make a new Bet365 account?

It is difficult to establish a second account with the same name as Bet365, which has a rule of one account per person. Even if you try to set up a second account, if you are caught your account will be frozen and you will not be able to withdraw your deposit or winnings.

Can you cancel a bet on Bet365?

You can’t cancel your bets on bet365, but you may use their “edit bet” function to edit previously placed wagers. Edit a wager you regret and it just might become a winner! You have the option of swapping or adding selections for your unsettled single bets as long as they are open.

What’s the biggest bet ever won?

The Suitcase Man was a gambler and high roller who is best known for placing the largest wager in casino history at the time, $777,000 ($2.44 million today’s amount), at the Horseshoe Casino, which he won.

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