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How do I close my freelancer account with a negative balance?


  1. To access the Support Desk, click on the Online Support button on your home page.
  2. Please note that if your account balance is negative, you will be required to deposit funds before your account can be canceled.”

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How to Close/ Delete/Erase Freelancer account Permanently

How do I check my freelancer balance?

Freelancer.com provides every user with a comprehensive set of financial statements. Scroll down to the Financial Position section to view your income statement and balance sheet, which summarize all your financial activity on the site.

How do I permanently delete my Truelancer account?

If you want your account to be removed from our records, please email us at [email protected] with a writeen request.

Can I do freelancing on mobile?

You may also get notifications about payments, invoices and even work opportunities through the Freelancer mobile app. You can also accomplish all of this through the Freelancer mobile app. Android and iOS users can use it. These are only a handful of the mobile apps that you may find helpful when working with freelancers. Perhaps some of these are already in use by you or others in your company.

What is reversal in freelancer?

If a milestone is reversed, it’s most likely for one of two reasons. 1. You’ve provided a good reason why you haven’t delivered on your end of the bargain, and the employer wants his money back. In this circumstance, you must work things out with the employer if they do not work out, then contact freelancer through the dispute process.

Do freelancers have to give notice?

As a freelancer or contractor, you are not entitled to a notice period, but this does not prevent the contract from being ended early by your side – all you have to do is work out a settlement position that works for both parties. So, whether you like it or not, as a client, you always receive an ineffective notice period.

What makes most of beginner freelancers fail?

One of the most common reasons for a first-time freelancer to fail is incorrect pricing. High prices often prevent potential clients from approaching you. Begin charging less and you’ll be making considerably more per job or project after a while, as a result of your hard work.